The ingredients for dinner without harm to the figures

Most live well, or want to live by such principles as "a supper give the enemy", "do not eat after 18:00" and so on. And literally every time I punish myself with the fact that eating before going to bed. But you don't have to limit yourself so hard. After all, the evening eating is not only possible, but necessary. The only thing that you should do it correctly.

Every time, refusing dinner, a woman condemns himself to sleep with a strong sense of hunger, and this, in turn, becomes the cause of morning irritability and restless sleep. Besides, if the body for a long time not getting food, start to slow down metabolic processes, and this leads to the fact that the body begins to work in economy mode. That is, even in the rejection of the dinner will gain weight. However, it is not necessary to sleep to eat whatever you want, besides in unlimited quantities. An average dinner should be the daily caloric content approximately 20%, namely, if for an adult woman per day to approximately 2000 calories, the dinner should not exceed 400 calories.

Good time for dinner If the dinner is supposed to be dense enough, it should be done somewhere during the three hours before bedtime. As for a light snack, it can be implemented practically to sleep. If you need to eat is permitted and 21:00 and even 23:00.

What is allowed for dinner: 1. Steamed, boiled, fresh or steamed vegetables, preferably without the use of oil.

2. Dried and fresh fruits. In this case, you should observe moderation, persimmon, grapes and bananas are best to be abandoned.

3. Any meat, except pork. Preferably, if it is chicken, Turkey, lean beef or white fish.

4. It is best to drink herbal teas or plain water.

Allowed for dinner in a limited number: 1. Rye or whole wheat bread.

2. Cereals such as oatmeal, buckwheat, rice.

3. Boiled young potatoes.

4. Pasta, preferably made of durum wheat.

5. Milk and dairy products, it is desirable to give preference to natural low-calorie products.

Strictly forbidden at dinner: 1. Sweets, namely, pastries, cakes and chocolate. If you really really want sweet, it is best to eat a little honey.

2. Fat. Banned fat dairy products, processed foods, fatty meats, all fried and smoked.

3. Spicy and salty.

4. Due to the high caffeine content, prohibited coffee and black tea, as they can trigger sleep disturbance.



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