Callanetics slimming

The founder is callanetics Callan Pinckney. Despite the fact that this system has a wide range of effects on the body, primarily it is used to get rid of excess weight. Callanetics for weight loss – what benefits it provides, how often should I do?

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The essence of callanetics This system is called "gymnastics awkward postures". It corresponds to the General idea of callanetics. Training combine several factors: a certain position of the body (static muscle tension), breathing and stretching. All exercises are performed at a slow pace, but it is an intensive energy consumption. Static exercises involve all muscles (including those that are rarely included in work in everyday life). This causes positive changes in the deeper layers of fat tissue. The secret to the effectiveness of callanetics is quite simple: during prolonged static load, aimed at the muscle, increases metabolic rate, and begin to actively burn calories. While muscle mass does not increase (but toned), and fat is burned systematically.

The benefits of The callanetics system does not require the use of sports equipment (possible to do at home without visiting the hall). Classes allow you to build a beautiful body: disappears sagging muscles, corrects posture. This system can be used by people of different age groups (although contraindications do exist). Classes are not only shaping, but also positively influence health – disappear pain in the joints, improves metabolism, increases immunity, slows aging, increases flexibility, increases self-esteem.

Contraindications To employment should not be resorted to:
• If there was surgery (should wait at least a year, and only after that you can start training)
• When bad vision
• In asthma
• If there are serious problems with the spine
• Hemorrhoids
• Varicose veins

Recommendations for beginners In the first lessons should not attempt to perform all at once – the body has to get used to. It is better to do in front of a mirror – this will allow you to control the correct execution of the exercises. It is important to remember that at the beginning of classes may increase slightly the weight – this happens due to the strengthening of the muscles.

The frequency and length of sessions the Author offers at first to do 3 times a week, devoting the training, about 1 hour. After 2-3 weeks you will see the result this time can be devoted kallanetika 2 hours a week. Later it is permissible to train 1 time per week. If necessary, you can break 1 hour to 3-4 workouts for 15-20 minutes.

Exercises here are some exercises that will help you to make his presentation on kallanetika.

• In the standing position – pull the spine, tighten your buttocks and abdomen. Fixing this position, turn your head left and right for 1 minute.
• Lying on your left side, hold flexed arm on the floor (the angle between the arm and forearm is 90 degrees). Knees straighten, socks pull. Tighten your buttocks (you have to lay accurately on his side, not pulling forward or backward). Take a deep breath and on the exhale, lift foot from the floor (free hand parallel to the floor, shoulder stretches towards the feet). On the inhale slightly loosen the tension of muscles (legs on the floor do not submerge). On each exhalation lift the legs stronger. Repeat 10 times. In conclusion, as high as possible lift your legs and hold the tension for 10 seconds. Again, repeat 10 kicks.
• Fold the feet in Turkish, pull the left side (one arm is straight and reaches to the floor, along with the body, and the forearm of the other lying on the floor). Your buttocks off the floor keep your. Then stretch in the other direction.
• Repeat the exercise, working through the other side, and again complete it by stretching (now first pull the right side, then left).

The reviews say that callanetics for weight loss – effective methods of correction. Of course, some traffic at first will be difficult – over time the body gets used to the loads.



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