What fills Your existence life?

The answer to this question is difficult, and responsible, reflect, and begin to enumerate: life values, creativity, support, realization, relations, dreams, achievements...
But something in these wonderful lists are not enough. Something very simple and earthly. The question is not formulated in vain "what makes your life worthwhile" and "what fills your existence with life." We are talking about vitality, the total energy of the body, the lack of which is so strongly felt in depressed patients.

I think of how to describe the manifestation of vitality in animals observers.

"I saw a young moose was running along a snow-covered field, Bouncing up and down, bending the whole body on the fly, stopped to catch my breath, and then began all over again. Saw the bison, which, practically, jumped out on the ice and slid on it with a satisfied grunt..."

"Panda gushed with happiness. Bouncing happily, she briskly climbed the hill, climb all the way the bamboo stalks and then turned and rolled head over heels down, like a merry black and white ball. Ran back and rolled again..."

"I saw a young mountain gorillas that climbed high on the vine to get the pumpkin like fruit. That's what I about it wrote: "She plays with the fruit, throws it back and forth, catching with his hands, then catches the handle with his teeth, so that the fruit hangs from her mouth, stands up on two legs and begins to tumble. Then gets up, still clutching the tail in his mouth, and batters the fruit with both hands, extracting from him a loud thudding sounds. The next day, the gorilla comes again to the same vine with the clear intention to get myself another wonderful toy".

No special values, communication, self-realization. Simple animal joy from very simple things, from the contact of the body with these things... And I understand what is sometimes lacking in answers... Fullness of life is impossible outside the body. Beyond our ordinary senses. To feel the own existence is one of the main tasks of our consciousness.

I breathe life. The smell of autumn leaves. The smell of new bought books, and this scent promises me a new way to experience books. The smell of summer dust, nailed to the ground by the rain. The air stank of ozone after a storm or in the cold. The smell of coffee in the kitchen in a dull and chilly autumn day. The smell of a pile of apples piled in the room. The damp smell of basement. The smell of PVA glue. Perfume held by girls. The salty sea wind. The smell of fire, burning resinous wood. Freshly baked bread... the Smell of damp earth. New markers in childhood...

I feel life. Bursting pressure of the fingers plastic bubbles. Solid gums baby daughter, who tickled them bites my nose or finger. The hot sand on the beach, warming the cold foot. The sun-warmed stones on the face. Soft female body that can squeeze and feel the soft and suppleness of the body. Flexible cat. A warm blanket in a cool room after a shower. Yes, and a warm shower in the fall, when there is no heating in the house. The touch of his hand to the leaves and the grass. The wind in your hair. Tiny girls palm covering index finger. Spinning under the foot pedal of a Bicycle. Clay in his hands.

I hear life. Sounds very quiet, gentle surf in almost complete calm. The crunch of snow underfoot. Singing daughter or wife coming from the next room when you do your stuff and realize that it's singing – just like that. The sound of leaves in the wind, soothing and reminiscent of eternity. The roar of an airplane far away in the sky. The clatter of the wheels on the train. Chirping of sparrows in the foliage. Coming out of nowhere, "ku-ku" in a quiet forest. Favorite song is coming, where you didn't expect to hear. The crackling of the fire and the gurgling of water in a pot over the fire. The rumble of the approaching storm. The rustle of the expandable packaging with a gift. The noise of the cars that drive on wet roads. Voice Manager at the airport, announcing boarding for your flight.

I see the life. Delicate yellow-green leaves on wet pavement. A rainbow after a thunderstorm raced rapidly. A beautiful girl who met my gaze and ulybnulsya. Water drops on the roses and leaves on the awning of the tent. The shining stars and the milky Way in the night sky. Shiny icicles-sparks in frosty Sunny day. Deep autumn sky and diffused in the haze of the transparent light. Bright red coat among the gray-black silhouettes. Twilight in the shadow of storm clouds. Green, a fresh-blown leaves, illuminated by the sun. Bright orange mushrooms on a brown tree. Christmas toys in the box. The city lights at night.

I taste the fruits of life. The taste matches. Sweet peach with soft pulp. Needles and resin... Pine nuts... Rainwater. Rose, brewed in a marching kettle. The last remains of the candy in the long March. Icy icicle. Metal grill in the cold... the Taste of a simple pencil...

All these and many other such simple feelings – the Foundation, the basis of my life. If I ever lose them, I lose the opportunity, like the animals, to celebrate the life will lose its meaning all that is "layered" above them. So I will find the time for a couple of seconds to slow down in their running, and to see-to hear-to try-to feel-to breathe life. Without this will not be filled...

What gives you life?


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