Diet whey for weight loss

Serum – a great diet product that has many useful properties. Whey for weight loss: what rules of supply should be observed, trying to adjust the shape?

Useful properties of the product whey – a byproduct that remains after making cheese or cheese. Use whey for weight loss undeniable. 100 ml sour liquid contains about 18 calories. Whey is composed of protein, fat (small amount), carbohydrates, vitamins b, C, E, N. The product is rich in minerals – it is worth to mention iron, calcium, zinc, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium. What are the beneficial properties inherent in the serum? This product improves the peristalsis of intestines and restores intestinal microflora, strengthens the immune system, stimulates digestion, normalizes water-salt balance, relieves puffiness, toxins, toxins, excess cholesterol. The use of the serum helps to cope with the effects of stress – it favorably affects the nervous system, promotes the production of serotonin — the hormone of happiness. It is known that the serum suppresses the appetite. In diets, this product is often combined with other low-calorie products with herbs, cucumbers, watercress salad, etc. based On the serum serves a variety of low calorie dishes and drinks – cold soups, cocktails, etc.

Contraindications whey cannot be used for weight loss with lactose intolerance, as well as serious kidney conditions.

Options weight loss whey whey promotes weight loss – it can be used in several ways.

1. In the morning (30 minutes before Breakfast) drink 1 Cup cold whey. Beverage "Wake up" your body will force him to spend a certain amount of energy for temperature compensation, reduce appetite and improve intestinal function, get rid of the swelling. Throughout the day you need to eat varied, but no frills (no sweets, fast food, fatty foods, fried foods). Weight loss 1 week is about 1 kg (it depends on the amount of calories consumed).

2. Throughout the day eat normal but no frills. Instead of dinner eat fat burning drink consisting of 500 ml of serum and a beam of finely chopped greens. The duration of this diet is determined individually – in General, it is recommended to stick to it for 3-4 weeks. Weight loss 1 week – 1-3 kg.

3. 1-2 days eliminate from the diet any solid food – drink whey (1.5-2 l), water without gas, green tea. If you feel strong hunger, one of the servings of whey replace with yogurt. It is not forbidden to add in the serum of chopped greens – it perfectly cleans the intestines, it suppresses the appetite.

4. The program duration is 3-4 days. Before each meal drink 1 tbsp. refrigerated serum. Breakfast: a piece of cheese, rye toast, coffee. For lunch, eat 200 grams of dietary meat boiled, a couple of cucumbers or other vegetables, and for dinner – 150 g of cottage cheese and an Apple.

Reviews whey for weight loss can be used in any season. Judging by the reviews, this product visibly improves peristalsis and relieves edema – due to this it is possible to achieve good pitches. Whether to go adipose tissue, depends on what diet you plan to adhere to.



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