Relationships without commitments if they are harmless

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A strange expression — "no strings attached". I was going to first give it a definition, but first, to explain the meaning of this phrase in a few words is quite difficult, and secondly, I am sure he understands what that means. In any case, by the end of the article the secret will be revealed.

...He and she have known each other, their communication circles intersect, they always have something to talk about, the nature of their activities is almost identical. At the same time, they suddenly are left without mates. Now it seems to be followed by the phrase "And suddenly they realized..." or "Broke a feeling...", but no.

They, you know, people Mature, serious, experienced. They agree to meet with a certain frequency, with specific goals (as lofty, and not very much), is no stranger to each other, not to restrict freedom to keep all in secret and in the case of the appearance of a new object of adoration to warn the partner and to stop the meetings. Voiced aloud, as a rule, only the frequency of meetings. Everything else is mutually implied. "I'll never fall in love. It is no good does not lead," says one, and the second picks up enthusiastically: "of Course! And I, too!"

It looks like the beginning of a Relationship without obligation — pathological forms of relations between the sexes. I can not find a normal relationship not only without love, but even without calculation, without a future (and projections into the future), and, worst of all, unnecessarily. Of course, the answer to the question "why?" exists, not one. Here are the options:

— to maintain a healthy sex life;

— to avoid the depression associated with the experience regarding the termination of the previous communication;

it's better than being alone.

On the one hand, each in its own way rational. On the other — immoral (nothing to do with the word amor). And with time the understanding will come — one earlier, one later — but it will definitely be really unpleasant to realize the immorality of the situation.

However, the last such relationships can very significant amount of time calculated in months and years. So how to explain it, because both are likely already convinced of the senselessness of the events? Is inertia? I think that is still there.

The pros of a relationship without obligations is quite noticeable. It is confidence in the schedule of meetings, the constant sexual partner, financial savings, preservation of personal liberty, i.e. the absence of required reports, remorse, expressions of tenderness, anxiety, sense of duty and stuff, which is quite a heavy burden on the shoulders of all "vzaimouvazhenija" pairs.

Cons, of course, too. One of them is already agreed, coming over time, the understanding of emptiness and irrelevance relations. Other negative aspects is, for example, progressive boredom from a lack of emotions is a normal human emotion, closely related to the state of love; the awkwardness in the answer to the question "do you Have a boyfriend (girlfriend)?"; the absence of complete trust and openness.

But the saddest thing is that all the points of agreement concluded at the beginning of the relationship, in most cases, untenable. Meetings become more often there is addictive, at some stage, flashes of that same feeling, and often mutually and simultaneously, there is a restriction of freedom (no, not a partner, each of the pair he deliberately sets for himself the border). And finally, the relations will all around, the aura of mystery is destroyed. Here we would go in a normal relationship, to plunge into the romance, to say the right words, to decide to associate life and ironic smile, remembering how it all began.

And in fact, both not showing off, hiding true feelings as long as they are not cropped like angina. But how else? We had an agreement — no love, no habits.

Well, the future outcomes are not very prosperous. Perhaps one of them will be disappointed and will go under the first pretext (I'm in love, I'm getting married), or the relationship will continue and become terrible. (How does it feel to continue to meet as if nothing had happened after the soul have allegedly experienced unrequited love... and if she was not going to pass?)

Two unfortunate freedom-loving people can cripple their lives, time has not stopped. So you can not be silent when I want to say not to play with indifference and, on the contrary, not to make emotions where there are none? Maybe we should abandon the relationship, based on nothing, and not be afraid of loneliness? Let everyone decide for himself.



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