You are to blame for all their troubles...

You know, I always believed that if people do evil is uncaused, the universe always returns to them a hundredfold.

Once I had a friend... or Rather the brother of my girlfriend. He used to chase us and did some mischief. Seems small and insignificant, but with the grit and anger that we really wanted to get rid of him, just could not manage. I told him many times I told them to leave us alone, and warned that one day someone will not stand his nonsense and get his revenge. He didn't listen. He was too young. But in 15 years it was set on fire by his friends...

He survived. Scarred and still alive. But as the years went by and, apparently, the nature has not changed. He died at the age of 25. No one realized what had happened, and yet it is no more.

I guess I feel guilty for what you've been crowing him a short fate. But in my heart you know I wanted just to warn you. As I want to warn you.

Many believe that can be completely unpunished in the network. Imaginary anonymity unleashes hands and tongue. Write stuff to a stranger it begins to seem a good way to relieve stress. Only... We lose control. We put a lot of information about themselves while saying nasty things to strangers. How can we know who is sitting on the other end of the monitor? There may be a schizophrenic recently discharged from the hospital, or autistic, or a girl whose suicide you will avenge her brothers... All so cocky in the network. But look closely, and you will be gray mouse who do not know other ways to ascend, but to humiliate others.

Get back to everyone. May not be today. Maybe not tomorrow. But believe me, one day the universe will avenge you for those whom you have wronged.


Author: Bordugova Elena


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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