12 secrets to a healthy self-esteem

What if self-esteem has fallen through the floor or skyrocketed.

After spending a considerable amount of time in an emotionally unhealthy situation of any kind, it is easy to lose a sense of self-worth. If you wanted love and never got it, it is possible that you have become too demanding of themselves. You may be spending too much effort attempting to Woo others.

However, those who received too much, you can lean on other people who have filled their lives and have raised them up. A man is angry when it turns out that he is not the navel of the Earth.

1. Work with the internal dialogue Necessary to change the inner dialogue, if there is present the idea that you are not good enough or you need to defend your own value.

Believing that your dignity you have to someone, you will suffer from unmet and unrealistic expectations, which will become angry, demanding and will always feel empty inside.

Try to become good enough for yourself.

2. Look for balance

If you put yourself in second place and did not provide their own important needs, you should start first to see what you need, and then satisfy the needs of others. Putting in first place yourself, you get that sense of importance, which is so desperately sought from others.

On the other hand, if you expect that others will be ready for you at all, you will never learn to see others in front of him, and thus will not be able to develop the capacity for empathy, without which it is impossible to maintain a healthy relationship.

Look for balance between what you need to do for yourself and what you can realistically expect from others.

3. Know their own worth If your own sense of values to please others, it will lead to internal devastation. Your value determines what kind of treatment you accept or what treatment to expect, and not how much you give.

On the other hand, waiting for the other that they will be constantly praising you, you will not be able to develop a sense of self-worth. You will assess yourself on what value you give to others, then your sense of self will be superficial.

To know their worth, take charge of your life and see what it's like to feel own force.

4. Create happiness Happiness is not what we are given initially, and the creative process. If happiness is born within, you will naturally begin to look for him outside. This leads to emotional dependence.

Believe that you deserve love and happiness. Looking for ways to please yourself, to create a good mood and enjoy yourself. So you attract people who will love you with the same force with which you love yourself.

5. Proud Do things that will be proud of. Take care of appearance, neatly dressed, be nice, calm, respect the boundaries, achieve all that capable, be clean and kind.

Be confident. You have so much good, what would you say. Believe in yourself, in who you are and be proud of that. Don't compare yourself with others because you are unique, like a snowflake pattern.

6. Practice

Physical activity is good in all respects. For a start, haven't come up with the best soothing and best antidepressant. Exercise contribute to good mood and that you were satisfied with their physical condition. Nothing so quickly spoils the self-esteem, as the dissatisfaction with their appearance.

Exercise at least three times a week, and still spend outside as much time as possible. Leaving the house, you pull yourself from the routine and remember how beautiful our planet is, how beautiful life is, how many there are total, for which to be thankful.

Just need some fresh air to get out of my head in a bad mood.

7. Hard Work beats talent, so forget that for success we need some space ability. Those who works hard, the original had no privileges, and they reach heights.

Nothing will bring you such satisfaction, like commitment, fidelity to itself, expressed in hard work.

Success naturally brings love, self-esteem and happiness.

8. Eat healthy foods to feel good and be happy, eat healthy foods. Let your brain receives the nutrients that promote health and good mood. Eat leafy greens, drink plenty of water and eat lean protein.

9. Choose healthy relationships, Choose the people who treat you with love and respect. Refuse to stay in a relationship where you constantly need to assert their own value in order to keep the love of a partner.

On the other hand, to have a healthy self esteem, don't demand from others subordination to their needs.

10. Rely on yourself

Don't let others do for you what you can do for yourself. Laziness and arrogance in any case will not lead to healthy self-esteem. Learn to meet their basic needs, to be alone and not fall apart.

Take control into your own hands and become a whole person — whom you admire, whom rely and trust.

11. Allow others to be themselves If you are emotionally dependent, not confident or demand too much, you begin to control ones.

Most people will love you if you give them the freedom to be themselves.

12. Rejoice in other People with normal self-esteem rarely feels envy, because he is satisfied with his life, career and relationships. First and foremost, he's pleased with what he is. Rejoice for others, rejoice in others ' happiness.

Believe me: love, money, happiness and success is enough for everyone. If you see that there is plenty to go, you will cease to perceive other people's success and happiness as a threat to themselves and their self-perception.

Remember that your self — esteem is your gift to yourself and others. published


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