How to Occidente yourself and your life

You probably know the situation when, after going through dozens of ways to improve efficiency, you are found needed. After reading this article, you will learn some simple and effective techniques that can dramatically change Your life. Results are guaranteed half a century of experience of the Corporation Toyota.

The Japanese management system of Kaizen is based on small but consistent improvements. As the Japanese say, "little drops create the mighty ocean". Similarly the small, but constant improvement will lead You to great changes.

My experience with the application of Kaizen in business gives excellent results. So I wanted to apply this technique to yourself. Search on the Internet to no avail: I couldn't find any decent adaptation. It turned out that systematically nobody uses Kaizen to improve personal effectiveness. The scattered cleaning tips and timing doesn't count. So I started to build the system myself.

Efficiency at work

In his early career consultant, I lacked new knowledge. I had to learn a lot and quickly. To organize the process efficiently, I reserved in Outlook one hour training and built the list of necessary tools. Your progress towards a goal, I meant color. Gradually, my list of green bloom, and the motivation to master difficult material only intensified.

The second step was to increase personal effectiveness on the job. In Kaizen there is such a thing as "the Value and Loss". The value is all the actions that propel you to the result, everything else is "loss". For example, let's consider the stages of a simple process of "drink water": to stand, to take a glass, pour in it water, bring it to her mouth, take a few SIPS. So, in this process "value" is only the last stage is "to make a few SIPS". The rest of the action is "loss" (abbreviated or not abbreviated).

In my estimation, and experts of Kaizen Institute Russia, business efficiency in the post-Soviet space equal to 5-10 %. This means that for the whole working day, employees benefit herself and the company is only one hour. The rest of the time they do no one needs the work. And it's not because people are lazy.

Just the internal system forcing them to work. To begin, I determined that for me is "value". To check whether you determine the value, ask yourself: "If I do this action all day, will I earn more money, would I do better if I capture the world"? If the answer is Yes, then you have found your "value".

My "Value" — client seminars and Kaizen projects. There, I spend about 50 % of my time and I'm completely satisfied.

Then I began to consider time, generating a "Value" while working in the office. For started this to keep track of what and how I do what distracted, and how much time it takes. It turned out that the "Value" in my process was only 7-10 %. You know the feeling when all day you're hard at work and in the evening and remember nothing? So, I have exactly this was.

To remedy the situationI made a list of thingsthat bring "value" in the period of preparation and list of "losses" (In the table at the bottom of the page its short version).

Next was to track how much time I spend in the left column, and how many on the right. In about 1-2 months, the situation began to improve.

How to make your strategy work

When the daily management is improved, it's time to take strategy. If you want to tie your long-term goals with current Affairs, this method is what you need.

Toyota developed a special A3-X matrix. A3 format sheet, and the letter "X" represents the type of matrix, which constitute strategic plans. The Japanese believe that the A3 sheet is enough to develop a business plan for the opening of a new plant or to write the annual report. No multi-page volume, extra digits and misspent time!

The advantage of matrix is that all the strategies, tactics, and indicators are placed on one sheet. Everything is clear and understandable. You can see all of the relationship. The matrix helps bind the abstract strategy with the daily routine.

To understand how this works, take a look at the abridged version of my matrix for strategic goals for 2013 "strong and Healthy body":

When tactics and processes are defined, I visualize the goal in different ways. For example, here's my schedule for weight control.

In the morning I'm picking up your weight. Previously, every month I print a new table, but the long-term dynamics remained "behind the scenes". Results for the past months had to be stored somewhere, and they still regularly lost. One day came the idea to celebrate the results of months of different colors. Here progress is visible and the table is enough for six months!


Visualization is the management of processes and people through images, signs, markings, lights, colors, etc. I Think that is the most effective way to organize people! Don't believe? Then look at road signs, markings and think about how many millions of people obey her every day?

The principle of visualization is the simplest and most powerful method of influence. So I often draw at work and at home. Picture allows you to quickly convey the key idea and is better remembered.

Experiment with visualization. For example, here is one rendering of the plans for the day. The figures in the inner circle designated time. And the numbers signify the external things from the list for the day, posted on the run-time during the day. What I did is crossed out. Option beautiful, but not caught because of the complexity of template preparation and development of Evernote.

Once the child is in kindergarten asked where your parents work. And she didn't know what to say. With my mother it was simple — it sells Windows. But the profession of the Pope (Kaizen consultant) did not remember.

Several times we were told that dad did. The result was always the same — forgets and gets confused. New and complex information is always so on my projects I often draw the problem. Here also decided to draw. The child was in awe of my dad's creativity, and the information was assimilated at 100 %.

But because the daughter learns how to brush your teeth 2 times a day. You have such a problem? To interest the child, I put this template and include the timer countdown. Now Aurora she began to ask to brush their teeth!

No magic or tediousness.

The daughter sees how much time you need to shorcut brush (clear and a limited amount of time), but in the end still and the sun to decorate give.

The Pareto Principle

I also like the Pareto principle of 80/20. It is certainly not a Japanese development, but the Japanese are willing to use it to focus on the Essentials. According to this principle, the world is not linear and unjust. Something small always create/affect something big.

I have revised my attitude to the issue of reading and self-development. I used to read everything. Information accumulated a lot, but often had nowhere to apply. The Pareto principle has allowed me to focus on topics that meet my long-term goals.

That's what I did:

1. Prescribed to MindMap all the books from your library on different carriers.

When I saw the whole list, it became clear that I buy books that can be read only by next year.

2. Comparing the available books with goals, I've compiled a list of references which quickly will propel me towards achieving them.

3. I wrote in Evernote of books I want to read, and began to mark their presence, the reading and made the final MimdMap the results of the reading.

I now consistently read, book after book. This is exactly what I need.

I also changed my attitude towards working with lists. Previously, I wrote in a diary or Evernote list of tasks for the day and started its implementation. Now, I highlight the three most important things of the day (week, month, and year) that will bring me the maximum benefit. And then throw the list of secondary cases, which also need to do.

This allows you to focus on what really matters. I deliberately limit themselves to three tasks that otherwise scattered and bogged down in routine. So first do the first three points, and then everything else. Work with task lead in Evernote because I have it everywhere (phone, tablet, laptop).

Clean and tidy

I have always loved. But after meeting with Kaizen, I have figures to prove that cleanliness and convenience cost-effective and person and company.

Restore order in the workplace I "closed" labor day and switch to a relaxing evening. And the morning is always nice to start with the ideal of purity. Cleaning is a ritual which brings a lot of fun. It is so simple: put things in perfect order once, and then every day it keep.

It looks like my Desk at the end of the day

In our family at the weekend decided to do a home cleaning. Before my wife and I often argued, to decide what to do. At some point we realized that my wife does not like it, as I vacuumed, and I didn't like how it tidies up things (then there is nothing to find). We have divided these cases. Now it is my great pleasure to deal with dust and put all things in place. And the wife is responsible for the cleanliness of the floor and the bathroom.


Kaizen is the easiest and fastest way to make your life more interesting and productive. Don't believe? And they are right. All ideas need to be checked!

Offer four easy ways to check for yourself the magical power of Kaizen. To do this you need 10 days to apply at least one of the options.

Option 1

Writing answer three simple but important question:

1. What I learned /did new today?

2. How can I become best in my field? How can I become more effective?

3. What can I do tomorrow to benefit yourself and others?

The responses received are necessarily implemented in life.

Option 2

Complete the matrix A3. Make the strategy work for you!

Option 3

Draw and visualize! Make its movement visible. Hang your schedules to the order in a conspicuous place every day and celebrate the results.

Talking with colleagues, loved ones, and especially with children, draw what you want to say. Watch the reaction of people will be surprised how much better and more interesting will be your communication.

Option 4

Every morning write down 5 things that will simplify, facilitate, speed up your work. Of course, to introduce all at once will not work, but even if 20% of the ideas will be implemented, your work is greatly transformed.

Success has never come so close as it is now. Enjoy the moment, catch it and enjoy life! published

Author: Sergey Osipov


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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