The syndrome of delayed adulthood — prevalence is increasing

Have you ever heard of the syndrome of "delayed adulthood"? No? Very strange, because every day is infected with this new virus are becoming more...

Today has become almost the norm when a man does not want to take responsibility. He stays away from her, shifting tasks, which have to make their own decisions on their colleagues. He allows himself to get sloppy in relationships with women. He shirked from his duties in the family, with his wife, children and the house. Just don't take responsibility, hoping that someone behind him will do everything. Usually, for 30 years he's still achieved nothing.



Know how looks the ideal consumer?

It's a teenager. Headphones, with new gadget in hand. Dressed in the fashion of a teenager. Teen with big ambitions.

For the system based on consumption, people — it's just the battery. Therefore, you can not stop. It needs to consume, consume, consume...

And for this the person should be a taste of everything new that is a typical teenage character trait.

Stay hungry, Stay foolish. Today these words have become a new commandment for young people. Young people should stay as long as possible, desperate and hungry. Hungry for new products.

The problem is that good offers can now be arbitrarily long.

People change phone every year. Place of work — every 2 years. Partner every 3 years. It is difficult to choose one. Hard to stop it. It is difficult to be permanent. Especially if the system doesn't want that.

I can't stop. Stop is a failure in the system. Any deep experience, it's a change of pace consumption. The threat to the entire mechanism. That's why people impose a "positive" thinking. Today the mountain is denied, as a fact of modern life, and is forced out of the consciousness of the people. The desire to "not load" other makes human relationships and feelings plastic.

For this purpose the entire entertainment industry. People become too superficial. So banal ideas in movies like "Cloud Atlas" cause such a big response among people who consider themselves not such as all...

It is now mandatory just to not be like everyone else. "Creativity" — the quality, shame on people seem.

Why such a surge in the popularity of Instagram. Therefore, it is fashionable today to be an entrepreneur. Startups. And preferably with a ready investment. After all, "feeding the hope" today — a strategy much more advantageous, than to take the risk and do something yourself to end.

Saying that in today's world there are no adults, and there were only aged children, have lost their relevance. Today's society is not composed of children and teenagers who have already reached puberty. Who simply do not want to grow up. Because modern life allows us not to give up illusions until retirement.published

Author: Alex Landyrev.S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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