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I have long been in communication with some person there is the image. I think he was born of Chinese philosophy the division of a single energy of Yin and Yang. About this image spoke not one author. A woman is often presented in the form of cold waters of the deep river.

I myself represented the river. As I live what you are doing, as what they say... This thread. Broad, powerful. Dark, heavy energy of Yin. Although my river is not passive, it bucks sometimes, but, overall, I exist in the stream.

Sometimes you meet a person and feel... Your stream what was, and remained so. Communicate that together make or even a relationship started (friendship or something more), the flow of your life continues to flow as widely and powerfully. The other person gently and carefully sets the direction, delicately defines the shore. Not even builds them and fixes are available. “How do you want?” “what do you like?”, “let's do it” and so on. If suddenly the stone which the river, troubled – immediately quiet “shhhh”, and the channel outputs on. It is a harmony.

Come in contact with another person, and from the first minute – break. Or a blockage of stones. Again allowed the stream to you – in spite of the words, misunderstanding, “what for?”, “you must be like this” and so on, as if the people of the dam across the flow builds. Ago rolled back, hiding again... When can I start? And little by little, in small streams to the new channel to bypass the dam And you're there, boom! A new obstacle. And you try, try try... And the energy that accumulates, power is not going anywhere. And then one of the usual days – how'd kick the shit outta the pent up stream of the dam with all the dope! In short, misfortune and disaster.

These roadblocks to hell immediately is not necessary if only not for the accumulation of potential. As well....

When relaxed and calm, and the sun is seen and the seasons, and the line with a comfortable lead somewhere... Grace.published


Author: Lilia Ahremchik


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Make no mistake: a Man can change only in one case


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