Vyacheslav Polunin: don't take a sandwich bigger than your mouth

I realized that all my life I was happy and never thought. I was not interested to think about it. I just was all. From the very beginning and always. I think I didn't have tragedies?

It was. But in spite of, through, around, crawling under barbed wire... I tried to understand how it lives in me. As all the time, a lifetime to be in this wonderful state, when you want to fly?

In order to have somewhere to break through, you need to assemble a team. This is the closest people, without which you are lost. I have a story — I can't do anything alone, for me the more people the better. I need the energy of life around, to me it dragged and dragged on the rocks.

First — those who with you does it. The second is where you do it. When I start something, sometimes year I'm like a bee circling until you have created the place where I want to do something. It happens in one place will come — go-go, and "not living."

At least you put labor and money, and "not living" and all. Throw, makes the second, third, fourth, until they get caught.

The most important thing I have followed my whole life to do only what you love. Never for any rolls do not need to do what is not love.

So I went to the circus "Du Soleil", suffered, endured, good location, best in the world of the circus, nowhere, awesome, creative people, organized everything perfectly. Not my all.

Six months was wonderful while we all worked, then it all turned into a small factory that needs to produce products.

And what will I do there? To give products I'm not interested and so I started to fret, started to doctors to go I do — depression, and it is impossible to do anything.

I went to ask to let me go. I said: "Find someone other than yourself is good quality, and we'll let you go". I ran outside, hailed a cab, and there Yuri Medvedev, and he worked at the Taganka before, a wonderful actor, wanted to be a clown.

I say, "Yura, you're starting tomorrow, work in the circus "Du Soleil" clown." Yura says that two days after that did not take a taxi with people's money — forget. And for my salvation. He went with this circus for 15 years with great joy and dream, and I released, walk.

And then somehow Yura said to me: "Help, Taganka arrives for one day, to work, and I'll go to friends". I said, "Well, well, Jura".

Came to the circus, went to her mirror, hanging my nose, from the nose in all directions web. I put them on, and suddenly I grab the back of his head! Rubber touched the back of my head and drove me so that I could not turn a few days.

I mean I agree the brain, and the body — well, just in any. And here I am in this state, we played a show and said, "Yuri, I never again."

Something has accumulated in the body, it doesn't intend ever to do what you want, what you want, what you can that fun when excitedly with friends. It's a law.

Don't take a sandwich bigger than your mouth. A simple rule that I follow. Effort a person a certain number. And just then the joyful play of these forces creates a happy atmosphere when an excess when they are more than you need to to do something.

Take the barrels exactly as you carried them Jogging, skipping. Whistling. And embracing.

The thing is, like, simple, but follow her need. Here I'm doing the schedule for a year tour there, the tour here... I know more than 8 weeks, the artist does not stand up.

More than 8 weeks I don't perform. This is the limit. Any producer, at least some millions. Ninth week — the decline I and my guys were checking the ninth week — we always do.

I never work the ninth week and never work the third performance. This is now, and had not worked the fourth. Three plays worked — the fourth should be a day off, because it will always decline. And you'll never give what you have.

It is necessary to know its rhythms. To calculate and to say: this week I'm not doing anything, then I'm ready. I now make the schedule for the year, in great detail. And in General, very detailed and everything is always discussed.

How to do the nasty. Well, first, we have such a law, we do not say bad. It is not necessary. We don't read Newspapers, don't watch TV, don't discuss all.

So. It is necessary to criticize the man because he was late to the theater. For half an hour people have to come to the theatre. So, for half an hour with all make-up stick people and smiling. Because someone has not yet come.

And here is a man. And everybody says, "Uraaaaa!" Because we have a rule that it needs cake. Latecomers should next time bring cake. And so every delay of such a person — a joy for all.

There are also things not only fun, is complex and difficult, for example, money. Need money, because without them there is no play to make, no sew costume. Mandatory law to me (maybe it is for someone more useful): neither side must outweigh.

Here — money, here — creativity. Weighed. So, if you want to do, but no money — useless. I want to earn money without creativity is void. Therefore, carefully to ensure that these scales are never one-way, not bent.

These simple things that sitting in front of you, which with you agrees, should be beneficial to your experience. It is not necessary all the time to cheat, do not cheat and so on. Need to find where you both well matched, that's good.

And yet. If there's a law, so all good. It's taught me. It turns out that when negotiations between the two sides, there is still the third man — the law.

We do not know in Russia. And in the end, I had to learn. To watch, and it was profitable. Don't worry, the law will see, he will protect you, it is not necessary to write everything down, because there is already a lot of things already written...

— Important point — all love, all surrender to the fullest. Without love, without passion, without pleasure, amusement — nothing happens. You need the whole hog, as in rock-n-roll to flew your partner to the ceiling.

I think it's a very important point. Never skimp. Spend on everything, without end. It will come back.

— How to break up with people. A year lived with a man. A good man, a happy man. Quite blood. You got it. And then was sad. What it is, then what to do? This is a serious issue. If a friend — there is no escape. Have him continue to mess around together, to be sad sometimes, to pull together and so on.

I have the act in all communities where I am — the cynics and whiners out. Never these people do not have Affairs. Terribly contagious, infects immediately. After all, what build happiness happy and in love?

That they make air bubbles and some bits of fluff. And it need to get into the cloud. When some cynic will say: "It's a feather!", all, it all goes to hell.

When I was approached by a whiner to some, I say, "Oh, what a stomach ache" — and run away. I'm trying with such people carefully. I am a person of nonviolence, for me it is impossible.

I have had many events in my life, when I came to something that said: all is not glued. It is not so, there is no escape, the tragedy is inevitable.

And you need her like a human to enter. Or throw friends, or to part with your beloved and so on. It's a terrible experience for any person. And we need to find the form in which it is all human.

I had a lot of people who I had most of my life. And I, after parting with them, still love them and with them. We always meet together and do something. Although this action was very heavy.

It is necessary from time to time to say: if your mission got into some cell, you need to get out of it. And you start together with your loved ones to discuss how to escape.

And said: "Let for a year to try and suddenly different is better?" And try.

— About the failures. I Raikin tail many years went. In all his performances came, tried to Express what I think, he even tried to ask me.

We had one such topic. I came to him in sederhana condition because I failed the show. "All I'm an artist, I don't want more..."

And he said, "Fool. Because right now you become an artist. You understand that this is not so, not so. And now you want so and so. This is your life lesson, artistic. Now you starts artist."

— The right to laugh at someone and something. But most importantly, Mr. I said: "You have the right to laugh only at the fact that suffer more than that person".

Something osmeivaya in the other person, you should be rooting for this more than the man. It is your help to him. Only in this case you can use laughter, because it's your help.

— The most beautiful thing in the world is to dream about something new. Fantasy is my greatest profession. I think I'm just super-professional dreamer. A lot of people coming to see me to learn how to fantasize. Because it's an amazing thing.

It is not necessary to bring everything to the end. Fortunately, the result is in many stages. First fantasy, then picking the team, then trade places, and then planning.

And the most interesting — no matter at what stage you stop.

At any stage you can quit and go in another direction. Because this stage is already there. Dream — endless happiness, gather your friends — endless happiness and each of these elements is infinite happiness.

If you think "I'll be there and finally I have" — nothing. So, it is necessary to obtain from all elements of endless fun.

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I have 50 projects simultaneously. Make it a rule: do 10 projects, 9 fail, one wins, you're always happy.

This is a great way to be always happy — always start a bunch of projects, though one will always reward you. Here is the formula that I very much did.

— You have to learn from children, they are the happiest creatures in the world. My main teachers — children, dogs, crazy, drunkards, I watch them. There are some people who do not think and just live. In some way they manage, without thinking, to take each step, and Bouncing.

Here we have two days here (at the festival "Age of happiness", approx. editor) held with Boris Grebenshikov. We have the "World Academy of fools." We gathered all the crazy, reckless, crazy and they from time to time going to their congresses. And for this Congress we find an occasion.


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The last reason we wrote now. Decided that we are a little confused, and ceased to whistle. Think it's a very complicated story. To be happy, you have to whistle. Not because I want to be happy, because happy people whistle.

— Pack for business only those who want to hug. The second postulate. With those who don't want to hug, nothing will work. I have always gathered my team, which did fantastic things, only one of those who wanted to embrace.published


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