If the third husband beats on the face, then it's not her husband...

I really like the two phrases.

1. If the third husband beats on the face, then it's not her husband, and in the face. Interpreted widely.

2. This year I read somewhere: Men are strange creatures. Acting is always the same, they are trying to get different results.

Saying one or the other phrase, I've discovered that what "hit in the face" — it's just habit to act the same, and then surprised the result. Surprised, I emphasize. Going further, I found that act the same (consider my relationships with men, but not closely), I forced three of my principle.

The principle of the first. I'm not.

The most harmful kind of it — I don't like it. This makes it difficult to indulge in the simple pleasures of life: to surrender first met after long years of wandering, drinking until morning, skipping work to see the disheveled man in a disassembled or infuriated.

A friend of mine, almost the Dalai Lama and the owner of a small resort, invited me to go skiing. Well, since I don't ski, and even stand on them you can not, then at least for the bagels. - You squeal when high speed? — suddenly asked he gently. - Hell no! 'I replied. — I love when you scream — suddenly he said.

Well, I scream, Yes, sliding down a hill, my dog and my daughter can attest to that. But I felt it was shameful to scream at him, riding his roller coaster. He's the Dalai Lama. And I'm not like all those stupid blondes. Something, to do something that frankly a female, even baby — sniffle, to ask to buy a candy bar to act up when the temperature is no, I exalted, and the word "ass" is unfamiliar to me. I am proud of. All a chick alien to me.

I'm not — and I pretend that it should be when my husband comes home at night. Scandal? Something! I'm not. I give freedom to the individual. He would have appreciated. He did not appreciate, he took the liberty and took off. I want to start a fork out the window, when I recognized in the shit? I'm not something. I continue to her salad fork.

I offer a gamble. I say, have long wanted to. Moreover, it is exactly what I was dreaming dirty dreams. But I'm not, I'm not! it was Saturday, I was in a strange city outside the window it was raining and there was no one. I said to myself — duuure. Did you at least try it, but I won't tell anyone. And I have tried. Several times I have caught myself saying — I'm not! — stopped and started. Well, what am I going to do with it, sadly I asked myself, I do not like that.

I had again a meet. Turned out to be such. And what is this. The Takeo nowhere. I liked it. And then, like, you know, reluctantly, one at a time, stretched open. Yes, I love to cry from movies and sniffle. I'm sentimental. I can whine and moan. I have no willpower and can get drunk of the chocolate and ice cream in industrial quantities, not a peck, like a bird of Rukh, lettuce.

I love the trivial. I hate to wait. I used to think, I'm not all moan, and I won't hate to wait but I am patient and do not soar a brain to the man, they all say nasty things about their opponents, and I say nothing, they are princesses, all of them, and one with a sad face and one with a hooked nose, and bladesa in my 14 years, I am sorry that I have not stuffed her face.

How nice to be like everyone else, are imperfect in their own eyes. And generally imperfect.

The second principle. I'm good at.

Oh, this goodness are the women's sores. You want to send — and you say: I understand. Yes, Yes. No, you, I don't need anything. I feed on pollen and air. I would not waste your nerves, my dear, I'm a noble knight with Tits. Tits here by accident, ignore it. I'm not crying, I'm good, understanding. I'll support you. And I don't need anything myself.

Don't mind me, just go to her and get this, you will be useful, but I interrupted. I interrupted, you'll see. Yes, I am strong. I'm so glad that you praised me. I am strong and Yes, that's what the word "clever". But it is weak, dependent, and makes you a brain, why can't you leave her? One? On this dusty dirt road? Yes, don't leave, what a noble, what I am noble, you are noble.

And this horror lasted for years. I have recently done with "clever" by one SMS, and I liked what happened at the exit. I'm not smart. I dumb the bitch. Greedy and gentle mood, if you're lucky. And I'm kind of laziness. Keep in mind.

I would what you wrote, and even quoted examples of their "goodness", but I don't want to remember. These evenings on their own beloved kitchen, and whines when, after conversations where once I was a good two hours or five hours and then been alone, sat down and cried, feeling raped by her own nobleness and neseniem to recognize the face that's a bummer and I'm dying, and it would be better to cease me to use, and to go back to the forest.

The third principle. All because of me.

If to exaggerate for purposes of illustration, be a two-month depression for men with hints of we need to talk, had the cause not me. And work. It's strange to admit it, but men have a relationship with us somewhere in third place. At first — I earn enough to pay. On the second, it seems that life has failed, I not doing their job/I have nothing.

Third, if you really try to deliberately poison a person's life - how I tortured these relationships. Like this. Two hour of silence in ICQ? He decided to leave me. Definitely. Not writing the whole day from business trip? Right now fucking some beautiful woman. The third day is silent and at dinner eat without looking? He is somebody brought. Said that at work problems? Lying eyes-that decides our destiny, we must have time first to file for divorce.

My luck with men (all the time going to write in the past tense) and they were always busy with some of his business. A large and. They are important self-realization. It is in social terms. If this does not work, or it seems that does not work - it's just a light mascara. He was so concerned about this that I just can't see the horror in your eyes, and if you manage to shout, he will be surprised. You decided to ditch me, huh??- with tears in his voice. — Where did you get?? — you don't pay any attention to me! - ...

And it's true. At this point im scared. They strictly judge ourselves, about how we feel about kids and marriage. All we can do is listen to Pat on the shoulder. There really important to be good and at this point not to soar their brains. They will do the rest for yourself, get out, achieve, conquer.



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They are not given this world, they are engaged in a relationship with him, and while they will not be able to bend, it is better not to get in the way. This is not for you. Not you and not because of this Nastki. You can have the whole day to compare mentally the size of his and her ass, and to grieve, they too can, but for a different purpose, and if they are long in the down, or silent, gloomy or grumble — it is not necessary to reduce the whole light a wedge on himself. It is not necessary.

Well, it was given to me the easiest. I would quickly miss you if you understood that in my men always revolve around relationships with women, not with their work. While I have not watched. Well, I still saved by the fact that I love my job. 've always loved it. And you can bathe her at night to think, the same restless, like about what me to go to a meeting where this Nastka. published



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