Build the Hamam with his own hands

Hamam is the Turkish variant of baths, which is based on the principle of gradual and mild warming of the body, and then the same gradual cooling. Traditional Turkish hammams usually two or three rooms, the temperature varies from 35 to 60 degrees Celsius. Also a distinctive feature of the Hamam from, for example, the Russian Banya is a method of heating the room — if a Russian Banya involves a furnace, the heat in the Hamam served as a warm vapor through the pipes, and the steam generated by the steam generator.

The beneficial properties of the bathFirst of all, the Hamam is the only bath which is useful for people with diseases of the cardiovascular system. Thanks to a gradual and less aggressive heat and the absence of stressful actions of hot steam and plectania brooms, such a bath is more comfortable for everyone.

In addition, Hamam normalizes the digestive system and intestines, calms the nerves, relaxes, has a positive effect on the liver and kidneys. Promotes the release of toxins from the body.

The choice of location for the construction of the HamamBefore you begin construction work, you should carefully design a future Turkish bath: remember that for a private Hamam is necessary to make two rooms — a steam room and a technical room. In the same way as in the construction of the sauna, you will need to find a place for the laying of engineering communications — water, Sewerage, electricity, heating, pipes for steam and ventilation system.

The sizes of the bathtubs are limited only by the size of the site, your personal preferences and imagination. The approximate size of the bath you can see in the following figure:

But with regard to the technical office, this room may be the smallest, but it certainly fit the steam generator, arumuganeri, cleaning filters, ventilation system and remote heating control.

About the materialsTraditionally in the construction and finishing of hamams used natural stone — marble and granite. Stone always maintains a comfortable temperature, nice body, waterproof and durable. But, unfortunately, completely decorate Hamam stone is a pretty expensive solution.

In this case, to our rescue comes or artificial stone, or ceramic tile, or mosaic of smalt, which looks great and emphasizes the national character of the room. The main criteria when selecting materials is their temperature resistance, low degree of incandescence and moisture.

The light and warmthof the Heated bath can be a water — laid pipes, which circulates hot water or electric — in fact, this type system "warm floor" with remote control and adjustable heat. The classic Hamam is constructed so that the heating was on almost all surfaces — floors, walls, benches and tables.

The lighting in the Turkish bath should be a good, moderately bright, but not annoying. Ideal heat-resistant bulbs and shades with a matte milky light. Remember that all electrical appliances and wiring should be protected from contact with hot steam and moisture and voltage should not exceed 25 volts.

Required attributesnone Turkish baths is not without such beautiful things as Cournot and massage table. Qurna is a bowl for washing, which is a big tank with two taps — hot and cold water. For more authenticity and harmony of the interior of the Hamam Qurna performed in the Eastern style, for example, carved in the shape of a bowl, jug or the sink.

Massage table, as well as benches for sitting in the bath must be heated. Table for a relaxing massage using a rich soapy foam usually made of stone and no wood in the Turkish bath! Classic, traditional Hammam massage tables doing such magnitude that they could fit four to six people. We can do a massage table, lined with mosaic, one person, whose height above the floor is 80 inches.

The floor and ceilingFloor and ceiling in the Hamam also have their own characteristics. As for sex, there is a need to provide, in addition to heated, and even tilt to drain the water, and also the device for removal of odors. Typically, the floor in the Hammam made of two layers of screed of cement and sand, and between them have waterproofing and heating system — the pipes or wires.

The ceiling in the Hamam can be any shape, but not direct! The Turks believe that formed on the ceiling and falling down the condensate prevents the full relaxation and harmony, which has the space of the Hamam. The shape of the ceiling may be dome-shaped, arched and triangular. But there is one important requirement is the overall height of the room should be more than two and a half meters.

Currently, in contrast to the Russian baths and Finnish saunas, Hamam much less popular for decorating in a country house or cottage and it is absolutely vain, because it's a surprisingly pleasant thing. Not much expensive, by the way. You can try!

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