10 effective exercises to relieve muscle clips

Time to get rid of all the clips. These exercises will help you learn to control your body.



Stand up straight. Focus all your attention on his right hand, straining her to the limit. After a few seconds, relax your hand. Alternately do the same thing with the other hand and then with right and left legs, neck, lower back.


"Roll-over voltage".

Almost the same as in the first exercise, only now you don't just strain and relax the body part and smoothly move the muscle tension from one body part to another: from his right hand — the left one from left hand to right foot etc.

Ninety million nine hundred fifty nine thousand one hundred sixty three

"Fire & ice".

Now — quick alternating tension and relaxation of the whole body at once. It is better to do this exercise together or even in the group, but one can and is giving commands to himself. At the command "Fire!"we must begin to move rapidly, and the pronunciation of the word "Ice" to freeze exactly in the position in which you caught the team. Moreover, the body needs to stretch to the limit. Then again, "Fire!"etc.

Thirty three million seven hundred eighteen thousand nine hundred forty five


Imagine using the index finger of the right hand in the injected vegetable oil, which you should get rid of all other body parts and organs. Do this exercise slowly and intently, "grease" each joint.

Fifteen million nine hundred eighty six thousand six hundred seven

«Center of gravity.»

Try to determine where your center of gravity — move, sit, stand. Now imagine that you are a cat, move like her, find her center of gravity. And where the center of gravity of a monkey, a fish, a Sparrow, hopping about on the ground? Follow the movement that is characteristic of these and other animals.

Fifty eight million six hundred four thousand two hundred forty two

"Clay figurines".

The situation first. Imagine that you are a figure from clay, which is very long kept in the refrigerator, " hard and firm. The position of the latter. Ask someone to try to change your posture, but don't forget that frozen clay (that is you) needs to complicate his work, to resist. The position of the third. Now imagine that the room suddenly at the same time included plenty of heating devices. Start to melt away. Note that this is a process, not an instant transformation.

First need to gutter the parts of the dolls, which are "bad clay": fingers, neck, arms, then feet. At the end of the exercise, you have to literally "drain" on the floor, into a shapeless mass of clay. This will be absolute muscular relaxation.

Twenty nine million six hundred seven thousand six hundred seventy two


Now you're a puppet, that after the speech hung on a nail. Lock your body at one point (the hand, finger, neck, ear, shoulder), leave everything else to "hang out". This exercise can also be done with your eyes closed.

Thirty three million seven hundred sixty thousand six hundred forty nine

"Pulled down".

And now you — the young shoots, which all the branches reaching for the sun. Stand up straight, arms and body fixed to the ceiling but keep your feet off the floor. Now, slowly "on": first brush, then elbows, shoulders, head, waist, knees and falls to the floor. A little lie down on the floor relaxed, limp, comfortable.

Sixty four million three hundred seventy three thousand six hundred sixty three


Are growing again, only now from a sitting position on his haunches (knees to get my arms around). Gradually straighten, open and upward. It is desirable to allocate time at the stage of its "growth" evenly (at the expense of 5).

Eighty five million nine hundred six thousand eight hundred forty


And the latest incarnation: now you spaghetti. Relax your arms and hands from the forearm to the tips of the fingers and swish them in different directions. Springy feel the vibration: the fingers must be absolutely free and to flow like the real boiled spaghetti.published 

Eighty nine million nine hundred sixty eight thousand four hundred eighty


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