Chronic facial clips — it's IMPORTANT to know!

Emotions are energy. And this energy spills over the body of a man: his behavior, his movements, gestures, tone of voice, and especially facial expressions. Face like a mirror reflects our physical and mental condition, our character, our attitude to life. The condition of the skin, extinct or, on the contrary, burning eyes, wrinkles, lively facial expressions, or, conversely, a frozen facial expression can tell a lot about the quality of life of his master attentive interlocutor.

On the one hand, alive facial expressions, when the person directly responds to the interlocutor, it is good. On the other – may not always be appropriate, if mimicry produces the mental state and emotions of a person. It is important not to fall into extremes. As they say in the East: "the Middle way – the Royal."

Sometimes a facial expression can be more eloquent than any words. For example, a person constantly complaining and whining, the feeling of disappointment and dissatisfaction is read on the face, even if it is in a calm state. After all, any emotion, especially a negative one, characterized by tension in certain muscle groups. And if some emotion is repeated regularly, while constrained or is not fully manifested, corresponding muscles tense, but subsequently do not relax until the end, which leads to chronic tension and muscle formation of the clamp or as it is sometimes called muscular armor.

Muscle clamps lead to the fact that some of the people on the face remains constantly intense expression that resembles a grimace.

That's how connected the clamps on her face and the appropriate emotions:


When a person strains and wrinkles the forehead? Of course, when it hard about something thinking, thinking, looking for the answer. The clips and wrinkles in the forehead mean information overload, surprise, unsuccessful, busy finding solutions and answers to important questions. All this may StTi cause chronic headaches down to migraines, increased intracranial and blood pressure.

To reduce stress can be put on his forehead the palm of the hand, making a light massage with both hands combing motions from forehead to neck.


Circular muscle of the eye excessive strain from prolonged reading, working at the computer, long sitting in front of the TV. The sources of artificial lighting to extend daylight hours, also belong to the annoying and tiring factors, although we often do not even think about.

The consequences of this constant surge very sad – impaired lymph drainage (hence the swelling under the eyes), blood circulation and nutrition of the eye, as a result, a "bouquet" of eye diseases. It is no secret that after the cataract surgery, it can reappear – the so-called secondary cataract.

The reason is that remove the consequence, not the root cause. And the reason is in breaking the power of the eye due to poor circulation and spasm of the capillaries. If the emotional reaction that caused the spasm, eliminate periodic cleaning and strengthening blood vessels, can significantly improve vision and avoid surgical intervention.

To relieve fatigue and stress the best and easy that really helps – exercises for the eyes, which, in my opinion, should be done at least the evening. It would be better to do a few times a day at least for 2-3 minutes. Time will take quite a bit, a benefit difficult to overestimate. Beautiful, simple and effective workout, giving rest to the eyes and restoring sight, is palming.


The muscles of the back and wings of the nose are to strain, shrivel as a result of feelings of aggression, disgust, disgust. Even a small, but long-term stress in this area can cause bad breath and smell. Chronic rhinitis, sinusitis, swelling under the eyes, too, are often the result of clips in the region of the nose.


Chewing muscles take an active part in the emotional life. A figurative expression "bite the bullet" clearly illustrates what is happening with this group of muscles when a person takes perseverance and perseverance towards achievement of goals, when not showing their true feelings or overcomes the inner protest, anger or aggression.

Tension of the masticatory muscles can cause headaches because one of the muscles attached to the temporal bone. Clips in this area helps to remove a light massage with your fingers the temporal region.

The tension of the circular muscles of the mouth reflects the state of the offense (pursed lips), emotional stress, alienation, contempt, disgust. The clip of this zone is directly linked to prolonged unresolved conflicts.

The role of facial expressions to humans is very large. Chronic facial clips lead to poor circulation, nourish the skin and lymph drainage. As a result, skin becomes loose, wrinkled, it may be deformity and facial asymmetry.

If you learn to control yourself and properly use facial expressions to make it your ally, you can greatly simplify your life and even change your destiny for the better. After all, our body and mind are inextricably linked and support each other, mutual influence, and the relaxation of the clips leads to the restoration of mental equilibrium.


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You can do it yourself and much effort for this to make no need. Perfectly relaxes facial muscles acupressure or massage spoons. Just a few simple facial exercises will take very little time.

The most important thing is to be consistent and do it regularly. And then after a while, the exercises for the face will become a healthy habit. And begin to acquire these skills at any age.published




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