Rejuvenating facial exercises -Amazing results in just a few minutes a day!

The person - is the calling card of every person. This is what we remember first of all, getting to know new people. We can understand the emotions of the interlocutor, character and even to draw conclusions about his health, by looking at his face. Have you ever wondered what your talk?

Every day our face muscles are experiencing enormous load: help us to smile, frown, speak, express their feelings. Adding to this stress, the habit of sleeping on the same side, overbite, etc., we get the general fatigue of the face and some muscle overexertion.

As a result, we inevitably begin to experience problems with the full expression of feelings and emotions using facial expressions. The facial skin quickly wears out, becomes flabby and lifeless, there are new wrinkles, enhanced existing ones.

In addition, the voltage in each region bears the imprint of the problems that people faced. So, in the forehead clips show an informational satiety, heavy reflections. A tension in the jaw reflects overcoming obstacles, speaks of stubbornness and perseverance. That's really really - each has its own story lines

! Needless to explain how important it is to learn to relax the facial muscles.

Regular performance of simple techniques for the removal of the load gives amazing results. Restores the elasticity of the muscles, wrinkles are smoothed, the complexion is healthy and fresh, and the facial expression more rich and natural. In addition to the visible external effects can be obtained and improved emotional state.

Gentle massage improves mood; deep study of muscles is usually carried out in silence, half-asleep, in a state close to meditation and leaves behind a sense of inner harmony and peace.

Try it yourself!

Wanting to relax the face, many people intuitively perform very accurate and correct movements. We have three eyes when they get tired, strained mash areas, massaging the scalp and neck.

Most of the exercises are based on the responses of natural human reactions to clips in a particular area. Therefore, their performance is not only useful, but also very nice.

The exercises are divided into three groups, so that everyone found something suitable for themselves, regardless of the amount of free time and location.

1. imperceptibly

Outstanding among a second one free busy day? It is not possible to retire? Then try to remember these simple exercises. Their implementation is absolutely imperceptible for the people around and takes a minimum of time.

Of course, this is just a supporting exercise, "first aid" for your face. Combine them with the techniques described in other sections of this article in order to achieve the best effect.

Let's get started.

Stretch the crown up - mentally, but putting effort. This will help relax the muscles of the neck.

With your mouth closed Enter the tip of his tongue across the sky in the direction of the teeth to the throat, try to divert the tip of the tongue as far as possible - so you will rejoice chin muscles

. One of the causes of headaches can be stress masticatory muscles (this is due to the location of the temporal and masseter muscles). Problem solve a gentle massage of the temples - an exercise that is used unknowingly most of us

. Relieve fatigue from the eye area helps the observation of nature: admire the trees in the park, lake and clouds in the sky ...

At long working at the computer will be useful periodically interrupted and looked out the window.

It helps and easy exercises for the eyes: dnt think the most left-right, up-down

. 2. Rapid method

We managed to find a few minutes for themselves away from prying eyes? Excellent! Then feel free to use the techniques described next.

Let's start with the neck. On the inhale, hold your breath for 10-20 seconds and retract the head to the shoulders (as if trying to reach his shoulders to his ears). On the exhale, lower the arms relaxed down. Another three or four repetitions to enhance the effect.

Now, try as much as possible to wrinkle his face, stay in this position for 5-10 seconds and then release the tension.

Raise eyebrows, closes them like a frown zazhmurte eyes - make every muscle of your face relax after a brief but intense load

. Gently massage in circular movements of the point where it joins the lower and upper jaw. Try easy to pinch his cheeks.

Dial a deep breath and slowly, exhale so that the lips began to vibrate (like with "Pffff" sounds).

You can do one exercise at a time or all at once. The number of repetitions is determined by your inner feelings. Usually it is enough to five times.

3. A complete relaxation

These techniques are more long-lasting, but have a more profound effect on your face. It is recommended to perform them regularly in the evenings. Choose an exercise that seems to be the most enjoyable in the moment, and act!

Almost instant effect provides a warm compress. To do this, wet a towel in hot water and wrung out well, put on the face and leave for 10-15 minutes.

Let's try to make a variation of the yoga postures lion lying. So, lie down, and opened his mouth, his tongue, and they are drawn to the chest. Secure the necessary 1-10 minutes, after which the entire face relaxation guaranteed!

Light touch examine your face, paying more attention to those parts where you feel tension. Movements have to be careful, use a cream to not stretch the skin. Now put both hands to the face, feel their warmth. This massage will be great preparation for sleep.

The following method is also particularly relevant at bedtime. Take a warm bath, it will be enough for 15-20 minutes. To enhance the effect, use aromatherapy: add a few drops of essential oil. To remove the voltage is recommended to use oil of lavender, ylang-ylang, bergamot, rose, lemon balm. Selected oil (enough 3-5 drops) dissolve the base. It may be honey, yogurt, sour cream, base oil (for example, almond), or even sea salt.

Forming a set of exercises for the face, remember that each person is different. Follow technology, comfortable for you to get the most benefit. And do not forget that restful sleep greatly increase the effectiveness of any of them.

Reaching muscle relaxation, try to feel and remember this state. Because then you can return to it at any time by a mere effort of thought!

Author: Alexander Tribunskaya


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