Put a glass of water with salt for 24 hours to any place in the house – and you will see what happens

There are moments when we feel unbearable fatigue and severe internal state, even while at home.

Our house is our fortress, no one argues with that. But do not forget that in the same room can also accumulate negative energy. It turned out to get rid of this energy is possible with one very simple trick!

Here is what You need!

  • Simple glass

  • White vinegar

  • Salt

  • Water


1. Fill the glass with water, then sprinkle a little bit of salt and vinegar

2. Place a glass in the place where You most often spend time.

3. Leave the glass for 24 hours and then look at how the reacted Sol.

How does it work?

Salt is known as a purifier of the chakras from bad energy. If the salt fell to the bottom of the glass, so she successfully swallowed all the negative energy in the house.

This method many thousands of years, and it has been tested in different countries.published

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