6 exercises that will help you lose weight faster than jogging

Running - it's fine, it is known for its numerous advantages: maintenance of muscle tone, giving the body harmony and elegance, the oxygen saturation of the body. But what if this kind of physical activity is simply not for you?

Well, it does not bring any pleasure, no matter how you tried to love jogging! But we have one life, and then we have to do something that brings us joy. You do not have to suffer in the pursuit of the perfect appearance. Replace running can these 6 exercises, which have even more powerful fat burning effect!

1. Squats with a load

This exercise has been tested on a group of women scientists from the University of Wisconsin. They found that during the execution of this exercise burned more than 20 kcal per minute, which can not fail to surprise. In addition, the heart starts to work faster, improves the function of blood throughout the circulatory system and the body is saturated with oxygen. Pick up the load (this can be weight or dumbbells), place feet wide and squat, lowering the load between your legs, standing on the lift arms shoulder height. Do this exercise 20 times.

2. Sit-press-Rise

To lose 14 3 kcal per minute, do this exercise 10 times. It is not necessary that all will turn out at you right away, but the hard training you can achieve great results! Sit on his heels, stand in the bar, then press and gently stand. It is simple, but very effective!

3. Bicycling

This can be a normal bicycle, and maybe an exercise bike in the gym. The bottom line is that both can be harder to pedal. Do not feel sorry for yourself, because the result would be a resounding - 87 kcal per minute! It's really super-fast way to lose weight.

4. Jumping rope

Here, too, it plays a significant role intensity. Of course, it is to start with a small, but aspire to, to increase the number jumps to 100 per minute. This will save you about 13 calories per minute training. In addition, during this exercise are loaded with all the muscle groups, as well as improved coordination of movements. Do you want to be slim and graceful? Jump!

5. Side plank

Exercise will help you bring in the form of all the muscles of the body. This bar does not only tighten the press, but also strengthen the back, give the correct load on the shoulder joints and make you elegant and graceful. Perform this exercise is very simple - you just need to get up to the starting position of the conventional strips, and then turns to leave the support on the right, then the left hand. It should be in this position for 10 seconds. Each time can increase the amount of time, up to 5 seconds per day.

6. Squat jumps

Perform this exercise should be for 4 minutes, but the gist of it next - squat, and then bounce as high as possible. Between each of the jumps make a little break for a few seconds to catch his breath.


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