Cry of the Soul This Housewives touched thousands of people and here's why:

American Rayshell Kestlberri (Ryshell Castleberry) lives in a small town in Florida Masaryktown. It consists in a civil marriage with Billy Lynch nurses and three lovely children.

In early March Rayshell published on his page a little story of life, which instantly became popular and gained more than a half-million likes! The woman claims that the story told her friend the psychologist, but it is quite possible that in this way it is easy to express their attitude to the housewives.

«At the reception to a psychologist came to the bank employee. He was very excited and annoyed, and the doctor asked about the reasons of this state said that he had a serious misunderstanding with his wife. A man complained that his wife paid him little attention, constantly citing fatigue. And this despite the fact that his wife does not work

-! What are you? - I asked the psychologist

. - I work as an accountant in a bank

. - And your wife

? - It does not work

. - So your wife is a housewife

? - Yes, she is nursing our children

psychologist looked at the man and continued:

. - Let me ask you, who cooks breakfast for the whole family

? - This has been my wife, because she was not working

. - And at what time she wakes up every morning

? - She gets up early, because she needed to prepare breakfast, prepare clothes for children in school and ensure that they have time to wake up and put themselves in order

. - Your children do go to school

? - No, the school is too far from home, so his wife drove the car to children

psychologist squinted and continued the conversation:

. - I understand that she also picks them up from school

? -. Yes, of course

- And what your wife is busy when the kids are at school

? - She is nursing our little son, who is only a year old

. - And all

The man thought for a moment and continued:

? - Well ... She still buys products in a supermarket, doing house cleaning. And when takes the older children from school, help them with homework.

- When you return home at night, what do you do

? - Of course, rest. After all, I get tired at work.

- And at that time does your wife

? - It prepares us to dinner, and then washes the dishes and tidying up in the kitchen. It also goes without saying.

- Many perceive this work as a matter of course. But how can you insist that the wife does nothing, and then complain that he felt tired? -.

Psychologist asked this man did not answer. It was only seen his eyes glisten with tears. Then he stood up and held out his hand psychologist. Shaking his hand, he said haltingly: - Thank you, doctor ... Now I understand everything ... Thank you very much

Housewife - is not just a woman!. This is both a nanny, maid, cook, nurse, teacher, and hundreds of other professions ... It's a hard day and night. At the same time housewives no weekends, no holidays, or even the right to the hospital!

Housewives can be compared with the salt. While they were close by, this one does not pay attention and take for granted. Only their absence makes life sweet, depriving it of taste. »

Yes, such a powerful story sneaks to the core!

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