Food that ECT YOU are regular power after 40 years

The young man did not pay much attention to what he eats - a young body can easily cope with different food and some much discomfort from the food we do not feel

. It is quite another power after 40 years - this time in the body begins a very different process than in his youth, in no small part due to the fact a way of life and the power that accompanied our youth. Adverse factors that operated throughout life: past infection, nerve disorders, lifestyle, leave their mark in the body

. Therefore, proper nutrition after 40 years of playing a very important role for our health and active longevity.

Moving abroad 40 years should be attributed to the power supply in a different way, and the most serious - in order to live a long and active life

. Science has proven that the age-related changes in the body are quite natural, harmonious and natural compensated adaptive reactions. Tissues and organs gradually adapt to the changing conditions of life over the years, all the cells of the body.

Thus, the physiological changes occurring in the body in adulthood, are not painful and do not interfere with the nature of work and social activities.

What is a healthy and proper nutrition after 40 years? The first is to harmonize the caloric value of food and energy costs made by us. We physically working people are not so often there are similar disparities, but the people of intellectual labor is found very often - they consume calories more than those that spend on the work produced. Overeating gradually leads to violations of the physiological state of the body, the activities of such critical systems as the cardiovascular, nervous and endocrine. After 40 years often have hypertension, atherosclerosis, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, and various bone changes.

What should be the proper nutrition after 40 years

Speaking of eating habits in adulthood, it must be said that the food should be varied and nutritious, including proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and mineral salts. However, the amount of food and its caloric need to reduce some, primarily to limit the amount of animal fats, fatty meats and fish, as well as foods rich in carbohydrates like pastries and white bread. In adulthood, it decreases the ability of the absorption of fats and increases the formation of fat from carbohydrates. This can lead to excess weight, which adversely affects the health. Monitor weight is very important, you must not allow it to increase.

Eating protein after 40 years

After 40 years, the need for protein as a building material is significantly less than that of younger people. However, for tissue regeneration and the formation of substances such as enzymes, hormones, still requires at least 100 grams of protein per day. It is important not so much the quantity as the quality of the composition of proteins.

In adulthood particular value acquire those proteins which contain an amino acid - methionine, which is used in the body to form a lipotropic agents. Methionine is very rich milk protein, so it should be used along with the proteins of meat and fish.

With the combination of meat and milk with some plant-based foods, especially proteins, vegetables, create the most favorable ratio of these proteins in the body. Therefore, it is imperative to include a daily ration of at least one milk protein serves as cottage cheese or products thereof. Furthermore, dairy products - the best sources of calcium necessary for the body, which is in connection with the protein in an easily digestible form.

How to combine products

By following the basic principles of good nutrition after 40 years you need to pay attention not only to what and how much we eat, but also to the combination of those or other products.

Meat and fish are preferable to use boiled.

It is desirable to limit fried foods, and it is important to completely eliminate from your diet fatty pork, lamb, salmon.

Garnish better to eat vegetables and potato, especially combined - cabbage, carrots, potatoes, beets

. But as for cereals, the best of them -. Figure

Beans and peas are well cooked as pea soup or a small amount of pea puree, as useful and necessary.

Desirable to limit the number of eggs, but excluding from their diet can not - even though they contain a lot of cholesterol, but they have other biologically valuable substances. The egg lecithin is contained a significant amount, and, moreover, has a fat egg active unsaturated fatty acids, which are in optimum ratios biological.

Proper nutrition after 40 years and the work of the intestine

In adulthood, it is important to learn how to maintain the vital functions of beneficial microbes in the gut, which promote digestion and the formation of certain vitamins. Normal microflora inhibits the development of putrefaction, stops the suction produced at the same time indifferent substances for the organism. Balanced diet can suppress the vital activity of unwanted spoilage and other microorganisms.

Regular bowel origin is very important and is working well in the intestines rolling man who moves a lot and eats food rich in fiber - black rye bread, beans, sauerkraut, potatoes. In addition, sources of fiber are vegetables, especially beets and carrots, fruit and juices.

But if the bowel functions poorly, you should eat foods that have a slight laxative effect - for example, the prunes and honey

. Pectin, contained in fruits, berries and roots, reduce the intensity of the putrefactive processes in the intestine, accelerate peristalsis.

Pay attention to what we eat in adulthood and old age - it means not only to improve their current state of health, but also to extend our lives



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