25+'s Kitchen tricks that make you a chef Extra Class!

Uncertainty in harms not only in everyday life but also in the kitchen. To always receive your meals appetizing and pleasing loved ones, cook only with a positive attitude.

Whatever you do, do it with love, and then the result of any activity would be the best. And in order to feel more confident in the kitchen, use the cooking tips chefs.

Make a note of the useful tips and use them even for the preparation of the simplest dishes, then you can create true gastronomic masterpieces.

So there you go!

If you need to give the dish a light garlic notes, but you are rather afraid to overdo it with the smell, rub a clove of garlic dishes before putting food back.

Experienced hostess will find good use for beer: the drink with soy sauce would be an excellent marinade for meat, and a small amount of dark beer with added steamed vegetables, make the dish more refined taste

. If you overdo soup, do not despair! Put in cheesecloth cereals and dip it in the soup. Krupa during cooking will absorb the excess salt.

To the liver was not stiff, add salt to it at the end of cooking.

If the burnt top of the cake, cover it with a damp paper towel.

To make the snow white rice, add water during cooking a couple of drops of vinegar.

When sliced ​​boiled egg yolk crumble and sticky? Dip the knife into the cool water.

To give a clear broth, throw in an ice cube and bring to the boil.

Do not cover the beans with the cooking, and she did not darken.

To get a tasty beef, finely grate the raw onion or a few raw potatoes and add to the stuffing.

Beef get soft and tender if it marinate in the mayonnaise on for half an hour before cooking.

To the eggplant was not bitter, cut them, sprinkle with salt and let stand. Then be sure to rinse the vegetables with cold water.

Almonds are easier to clean if dip it in boiling water for 3 minutes, and then thrown into the cold water.

To get the perfect cream of the cream, add the raw protein when whipping.

Throw in a pinch of salt before cooking ground coffee, and the taste of a drink becomes brighter.

Coat the meat with honey, brandy and water or pomegranate juice to get rosy crisp.

Add the beef broth washed banana peel and the meat will turn soft.

Roll apple slices for Charlotte in the flour, so that they then do not bunched.

Try chopped nuts instead of crumbs for breading, you get tastier.

The taste of the dishes will be more complete if preheat the plate before serving hot meals and cool dishes to feed a cold.

Always allow time to cool the cooked meat and attain the fullness of taste.

Vinaigrette will taste better if you add to a tablespoon of boiled milk and a pinch of sugar.

To never make a mistake with the amount of salt, do not hesitate to constantly try dish tastes. It will also help determine the degree of readiness of products.

To the soup was more delicious and useful, before you remove it from the heat, add a little bit to carrot juice.

Make sure that the blades are always sharp, then the probability of getting injured while cutting products will be minimal, and cooking will be faster and more pleasant.

The idea to add a little vanilla in a salad seems strange, but it's really delicious!

Instead of salt and vinegar often use lemon juice. Citrus flavor will not interfere with any dishes, and the food would be more useful.

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