Robot chef prepares recipes from the Internet!

Robot chef, managed from a smartphone, is able to prepare a delicious meal using recipes from the Internet. Sounds like science fiction, but it is a reality. Such a robot will go into mass market in 2017.

Two robotic manipulator suspended above a stove, oven, worktop and sink. Dexterity for robotic hands are not inferior to human. The robot runs as fast as a professional chef, dutifully obeying the commands from the iPhone.

The machine, which was developed by Moley Robotics has already been attracted to NASA. The robot is able to address almost with all kitchen utensils and appliances, artfully imitating human movement. For example, cooking soup seafood it takes less than 30 minutes.

24 joints and 20 motors allowed the robot with accuracy to repeat the movements Tim Anderson, winner of the British cooking show MasterChef 2011. Motion chefs were pre-recorded on camera and uploaded to memory of the machine.

Moley Robotics sees a future in which famous chefs selling their recipes to the owners of kitchen robots. However, professional chefs say that the robot is limited in movement and may not, for example, to make sushi.

Possibly chopping and cutting food robot can do it very well, but I'm not sure that he has enough skill to prepare sushi. Maybe he can make good rolls, but to prepare nigiri-sushi is very, very difficult, — said the publication IBTimes sushi chef from the restaurant Kouzu in London.

A smartphone application allows to control the robot remotely. According to Moley Robotics, in the consumer version of the system is a built in fridge and pantry. In the future, the manipulators will stack all the dirty dishes not in the sink and in the dishwasher, which is planned to complement the system.

The creators of the robot say that he can learn to interact with any appliances in the kitchen. According to them, it is enough to show how it works.

Future versions of the robot will learn by using the cameras of the motion capture, and their owners will be able to share training materials. Chefs will be able to earn money by selling their signature cooking recipes using online store.

Moley also concerned about the safety of those who will be close to the robot, dealing with potentially dangerous kitchenware. The next step will be the installation of safety glass and fire protection systems, which will increase the safety of use of the robot in the same room with children or when no one is home. Experts do not exclude that in the future the robot Moley can become a universal assistant in all Affairs.

Engineers Moley say that a future version may have a synthetic hand that the robot will be able to wash after handling raw meat.

When manipulators are not in use they fold up, freeing up space above the work surface. The robot fits into a kitchen of ordinary size.

The company plans to begin mass sales of the robot in 2017 at a price of £ 10,000. It should be noted that this price includes not only the manipulator, but also a stove, sink, work surface and cupboards. A recent study by the Times newspaper showed that almost half of Britons spend on kitchen furniture from 5 000 to 20 000 pounds. So it's not such a high price for a robotic kitchen.published



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