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Sergey Dolya writes: I've always wondered how to prepare the airplane food. Press Service of the Moscow Airport Domodedovo has taken me on a five-story commercial kitchens where food is prepared for all flights arriving at Domodedovo. I followed the same path tomatoes from the moment she came in, to the moment when she died under the knife chef ...

Factory catering - a place unique and unusual. After all, in everyday life it is almost impossible to imagine food production, which is closely intertwined most diverse culinary traditions from around the world.

If a long flight, the meals - a vital element of travel, however, if the flight is short, the meal is a kind of entertainment for passengers. But the specifics of business aviation, for example, is that the people who use its services, it is possible to order any food from anywhere in the world.

At Domodedovo factory-kitchen more than 150 suppliers. All are certified and tested. This essential requirement. In aviation security has its own specifics. They deliver their products through separate gates:

From the zone of receiving all the vegetables in the fall vegetable warehouse:

The meat comes in large briquettes and stored in separate refrigerators:

All fruits and vegetables are washed thoroughly in a huge three-level tub. The so-called cascade rinsing. Unfortunately, I was in a factory-kitchen late in the evening, the process has already been completed, and the supply of fresh vegetables and herbs on the night shift is already prepared:

Its principle is as follows: the internal bath, where is my Pomidorka, filled with water (it takes a half hour), and from the side holes begin to beat the jet of water. Reminiscent of a bath with hydro-massage. Washed vegetables obsushivayut, laid out in a special perforated gastronomic containers, food wrap foil, labeled and sent to the shop:

Temporarily, I hid his tomatoes in his pocket and walked along the main shops, as he traveled to a great culinary kingdom. Here, both cooked and stewed hundreds of delicious hot meals, cut and served delicious salads and snacks, baked thousands of fragrant biscuits and cakes:

Girls collect frozen hot dishes. Yellow sausages - this is not the bananas, mashed and frozen. In the plane it warm up in the oven, and it will become a familiar look:

Each table in front of each employee is a book with photos of food samples, so-called specification. In it - the whole process information about the future of the dish in the form in which it will receive the passengers. The staff do everything exactly as instructed and check the results. People flying business class, for example, to Switzerland, enjoy signature schnitzel "Zurich" on the way to America - a steak in Texas, and in the air over Asia - Dim Sum:

Chef Catering Domodedovo Timoshin Andrew, a member of the National Guild of Chefs, a fan of old books on French cooking, shared with me their secrets: board business class meal cooked on the restaurant level. Any airline which is fundamentally important.

A separate theme - the food for the first class. Here, for example, in Singapore flying first class menu with several cold cuts, three hot and a few compliments from the chef. The whole story was invented by Andrey tasting together with chefs airlines. "This food is for the first class and packaged differently than usual, because the steward, who will serve on the board it must be in the" three movements "collect" and serve each dish exactly as specified in the incremental specification. Generally speaking, put in the right order of individual packages, each of which is designed for serving meat, sauce and garnish. Or, lettuce, seafood and refuel. Or vegetables for salad, sauce and salmon. He needs as much as possible to facilitate the task - to make the number of those ingredients that it will mix the plate itself, the minimum and dish - to the fullest extent in taste and composition, - says the chef. Here, for example, steak with blood on the plane is unlikely to succeed to eat. This degree of roasting is clearly not survive re-heat treatment.

All employees working in special clothing, gloves and disinfected disposable gloves. Food Production mass power works not only for Russians, but also foreign consumers, and must be certified by the Russian sanitary legislation, plus the International HACCP system. As explained to me, is the most advanced security technology designed for cooking astronauts:

In fact, this incredibly bright and colorful kaleidoscope of dining well thought out and balanced. It was created by a variety of specialists worked: economists, nutritionists, technologists, and of course, the cook:

Of course, the content and form of their food supply depends on the class of service on the plane. Economy Class passengers are eating mostly universal European cuisine.

First, the food is decomposed by trays:

And then, before the final packaging, all uniformly ordered:

Shop equipment rations - is the heart of the enterprise. These products are delivered to streams of cold, hot and confectionery shops:

Private shop occupy aviatelezhki. Each airline they own:

Here they are washed in a special machine, disinfect and then dry wipe:

Washing dishes. A similar car was in my school cafeteria:


The factory is equipped with both universal and special equipment (chiller and deep-frozen). In the process, applied a unique technology, for example, for the preparation of hot meals uses technology cook and chill (heat treatment - shock cooling).

In the menu you can see the factory more than 25 varieties of bread of different nationalities. French pastries, delicious muffins, cakes scented Indian, Armenian lavash, pita, corn and Bavarian bread, buns and dietary sakristany ...

A new pastry shop - the pride and the last upgrade Domodedovo factory. The new software for the automatic portioning and shaping bread works like a robot!

At the end of the tour chef Andrew robbed me pokromsat tomatoes and lettuce sample in it for the business of the diet. This Pomidorka traveled with me to all the shops and factories supply Domodedovo in real meal for passengers it, alas, will not fall if not held due sanitary control:

The range of the factory - a wide selection of hot dishes, cold dishes, desserts, confectionery products, including both standard diet (hot, cold, canned, light meals) as well as special types of diets (Muslim, east, health, vegetarian, children and so on. d.).

Hence all the food goes to the airport:

Loading the plane:

Acceptance of Food:

In conclusion, we have shown some examples of meals for business class passengers. This was my first experience of photographing food:

The next article in the series, as promised earlier, is the "Airport in terms of the manager."


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