Airport in terms of the suitcase (42 pics + text)

One well-known blogger Sergey Dolya writes:
Do you know what happens to your suitcase at the airport outside the window rubber lashes after you have passed it in the luggage? Press Service of the Moscow airport "Domodedovo" invited me to her and gave to photograph the work of all airport services. In particular, I took a picture of a suitcase all the way from the reception before loading it in the plane. Today I begin a series of reports on how the airport works ...

Passengers part with your luggage at check-in. Here on a suitcase paste tag containing information about the owner and the destination:

Oversized baggage, that is a large baggage or non-standard size, can be taken from a separate stand. It is advised to take airlines and fragile baggage. Here it is pasted tag "glass" and sent down the pipeline is not in the general, and a special elevator:

Cargo space is a huge room which looks like a small underground city under the airport. Its space intertwines network luggage conveyors, whose length is generally more than 3, 5 km. All bags come down here on one of the sleeves 6:

The first thing suitcase passes through the scanner. Whatever the situation was not lying suitcase scanner read information from its tags. If you left a suitcase sticker with a bar code from the previous flight, the scanner may be confused, and your luggage will go to further processing, where the employee of the airport will hand on the bag the desired tag and send it to your flight. Therefore, airport staff advised me to pluck all the extra suitcase with stickers after each flight.

Then he gets into a suitcase introscope where it shine for explosives, weapons or other prohibited items:

If the suitcase seemed suspicious system, such luggage will be sent to a more thorough check.

Suspicious luggage has 4 additional checks, including computed tomography and diffraction unit:

To search for explosives are also used dogs:

Oversized baggage shine on a separate checkpoints. By the way, if your bags do not stick handle or shoulder strap unfastened, it will also be recognized as an oversized:

Luggage suitcase Moscow Domodedovo Airport can be reached by one of the six pipelines. Having scanning, 6 arms are united in 4:

Suitcases at high speed pass through another scanner. It determines which recorded flight bag and, depending on this, goes to the left or right sorter, also called the "circle." If the "circle" of the right, leaving the suitcase upstairs:

If the "circle" of the left, then down. Moreover, the distribution element of the conveyor in a few fractions of a second time to raise or lower:

Before getting to the circle, the computer accelerates the suitcase and throws it exactly on one of the platforms range:

With the circle suitcase tilted to one of the 70 "slide-ways»:

Slide-ways - a slide for suitcases. The system accurately calculates the time when the case will pass by the required slide-ways, and resets the luggage on it:

Take a closer look. You see the pink strip of slide-ways? It is a pink suitcase carried on one of the platforms' circle »:

Depending on the number of passengers per flight can be assigned to one or more slide-ways. Suitcases with them takes a loader, and hand-held scanner for scanning the control shifts to the trolley:

If the aircraft is very big and a lot of passengers on a flight, instead of slide-ways using one of two moving conveyors (triplanarov):

Note the foreground baggage crew:

Carts with luggage transported to the aircraft:

The aircraft can load or luggage on a small ladder, conveyor:

Either pick a special lift:

Now let's deal with what is happening with our luggage at arrival.

Normally, when the plane stopped in the parking lot to it immediately pulls baggage train:

Bags shift on the trolley, and train rides to the arrival the luggage compartment, in our case it was the Department of Extension:

Train pulls up to one of the conveyors and baggage loaders shift on the tape, where he immediately goes upstairs for the grant:

Oversized baggage brought separately:

Transit luggage marked bright yellow tag. Airport staff know in advance whether there is a transit of luggage on flights. He caught and placed on a separate carriage:

In the Moscow airport "Domodedovo" I spent 4 days. Made of 500 photos. They showed me everything that is in the airport. In the territory were taken by car ASS (Aviation Security Service). We have often traveled all around the perimeter of the airport, which is 28 kilometers! Together with the pilot S7 I passed a medical examination preflight briefing, familiarity with the flight attendants, aircraft inspection and start-up. I was even allowed to climb the tower to dispatchers where I made a couple of unique spotterskih photos. In the near future you will find a series of reports about the device Airport.

Next article: "The airport in terms of the pilot." We are waiting!


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