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Suitcase with a simple name Hop! – a suitcase of a new generation which won't take up your hands, because he is going for his master himself like a dog. While it is only a concept, but the work continues, and its author, the Spanish designer Rodrigo Garcia Gonzalez (Rodrigo Garcia Gonzalez), for his creation even listed among the fifteen finalists of James Dyson (James Dyson Award), intends to bring its work to the end and is looking for investors to realize their almost completely finished project.

This amazing suitcase is equipped with three sensors that is capable of receiving via the Bluetooth system, to identify and process various signals from the user's smartphone.

Built into suitcase microprocessor using these signals, calculates the position of the phone relative to the trunk and the distance to it and makes the work of the caterpillar system uses for the movement of compressed air.

The suitcase is moving at a certain distance from his master, and if the signal is lost, the phone will start to vibrate, alerting the user about the incident, and the suitcase will close automatically.

Using modern technologies, used in vacuum cleaners and lawn mowers, you can also develop this idea and to equip the smart suitcase is a function of "messenger". In addition, be convenient the use of systems that suitcase in airports and train stations in order to cause the Luggage to move independently to each other in the loading zone under the control of employees, thereby facilitating the lives of many people.

Of course, the obvious and numerous disadvantages of this invention. First, it is easy to lose, because in this case the speed is limited and if you are accustomed to move quickly, he just will not have time, and you will always have to look around nervously in fear that he is somewhere lost. And this despite the fact that lost Luggage at the airport is probably one of the worst nightmares of every passenger. Second, you will never be able to say that a suitcase was indeed with you all the time, if you suddenly interested in security, but to take advantage of your inattention attackers is not difficult.

In addition, this fixture is cultivated in people the usual laziness that is also impossible to record him in dignity. However, despite all the cons, it is definitely a very interesting project that can be useful, including as the initial step towards the creation of more global systems.

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