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Daily record of takeoffs and landings at the airport Domodedovo - 724 operations. The maximum hourly rate when working with two parallel runways is 43 aircraft. All of them are controlled by air traffic controllers working in the control tower (KDP) or "tower" (from the English word "TOWER"). Total in Moscow's Domodedovo airport managers working 6 shifts of 10 people each. Profession of air traffic controller is one of the first places on the psycho-emotional stress on the human body. Today we will talk about the people from whose daily actions affect the lives of tens of thousands of passengers ...

For all aircraft in the skies over Moscow Moscow responds Automated Dispatch Center, located near the airport Vnukovo. Domodedovo Centre for Air Traffic Services is part of the branch "Moscow Center for Automated Air Traffic Control" (this phrase literally specially recorded during the visit). The Centre is responsible for ensuring the safety, regularity and efficiency of aircraft operations at the airport Domodedovo:

At Domodedovo 2 runways (runways). For each of them meet their dispatchers. Placed on the tower workstations flight director, senior manager, dispatchers Launch dispatching point (SDP) and the Subsidiary approach control (UDHR):

The area of ​​responsibility manager start (SDP) is included to manage the aircraft in the airspace, which include the sectors of climb after take-off and the final stage of the approach, as well as the runway and taxiways:

PSD controller also controls the movement of special vehicles, the system of lighting equipment on the runway and taxiways, shall take all necessary additional operations:

I imagined Manager harsh man, in big headphones, shouting something into the microphone and hard pyalyaschegosya in round picture tube, through which runs in a circle green stripe, as in the old Soviet films. It turned out it is not so. Do not use headphones, kinescopes not round and green, and managers working not only men, but also very charming girls:

The controller on the screen showing all the planes that are near the airport. He sees they are gaining height or decrease the altitude are and how fast fly:

From the tower you can see perfectly the whole territory of the airport. Here, modern equipment, including a computerized display system information. Review System airfield monitors the movement of any means aerodrome.

If the dispatcher anything suspicious, then he can use binoculars:

If the band is busy, the SDP Manager includes a special board runway occupancy with snooze:

In addition, the tower controller are ATIS (Automatic Terminal Information Service in the terminal area) -sleva in the photo, the head of operations (shift supervisor), Senior Manager and managers of substitution (on the right in the photo):

Each dispatcher relies a 20-minute rest every 2 hours. At this time, it replaces substitution Manager:

The actions of the controller should be a senior manager. He is constantly moving from one controller to another and controls their actions (pictured left, standing):

Also present on the tower head of the flight (to the left in the photo). He is responsible for organizing the work of the personnel change:

The minimum time between aircraft landing 2 minutes and between takeoffs from 1 to 3 minutes, depending on the classification of the Armed Forces. The atmosphere on the tower is calm and quiet. When the controller is the radio with aircraft crews, all fall silent or speak in a low voice:

To get to the tower, the controller has to go through the door with porthole:

Here you need to make a special card to the castle and confirm fingerprints:

The tower controller enters the spiral staircase:

The tower is remarkable and its own balcony. It offers great views of the airport:

Globe Domodedovo:

Well, the view of the road leading to Domodedovo:



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