Gordon Ramsay and his phobia.

Gordon Ramsay.
My daughter is studying in the same school as the daughter of Abramovich. I myself sometimes otvozhu her to school on his Land Rover and almost always saw a picture of the main entrance to the train pulls out of the car and unloaded every scion of the billionaire. The whole fucking escort of guards. It's already too much. You, Russian, do not know the steps. I drank Russian vodka. It's unbearable. When I was finishing my third stack, they finished the second bottle. We Europeans wimp compared to you. We have something to learn from you, and, of course, we are not only strong drink.
But with the food you have big problems. Restaurants in Russia are far from perfect. I was in Vogue Café, and if you just ask me to peer-reviewed this place, then everything will be censored. Arrogant waiters. Terrible food. No, I better not say anything ... Do you know why? To you! Only you! In those people who pay the bills. You eat what the hell and think it's cool. And because the chef feel their impunity, they allow themselves to something for which Europe has long put them to the electric chair. And will be allowed to continue, as long as you remain silent. There is a demand, there is supply. Immutable law of the market.

(brazenly steal from mordoknigi)

The Russian discharged "star" chefs from France, Italy and Japan. Do you think they're cool? Certainly not! They are losers who have not been able to achieve at home. I can not imagine a successful chef, who threw his restaurant and travel to Russia. Yes, of course, offer you good money. But in Europe, you can earn good money, believe me. All really successful chef of those that come to Russia, are sitting on the suburban villas of millionaires, and you never see them. I always offer, but I'm not going to Russia. Someday, of course, I open a restaurant here. But the time has not yet come.

Although Europe is not all perfect. We then also have their "talent." Prepare molecular horror and waiting for Michelin and will reward those mediocrities stars. On the part of law Europe is still imperfect. On the one hand, everything is very strict and the laws enforced. If you are driving too fast, you will be fined! If you sit behind the wheel drunk - you go to jail. But why, tell me, restaurateurs so irresponsible attitude to work and bullied their visitors? Chef should be all hell to go to jail if they do not use seasonal products.

Vaunted globalization has led to the fact that all have forgotten about the key postulate of haute cuisine - seasonal. And then in the winter serves asparagus. Summer - venison and truffles. Autumn - strawberries. And so on. Everybody knows lobster, langoustines and other "masterpieces" culinary world. Poumerte has his zeal against the trend. Chiefs should focus on simple topical products that will not only look good, but will delight the taste buds of those who will eat it all.

Any fool can cook foie gras or to flavor pasta Italian white truffles. If I can get for my mom kilogram of truffles and it will add them to the potato gratin - it will be the best casserole in the world! Despite the fact that my mother (and my wife) can not cook! And you try to find good tomatoes or delicious green asparagus. That's what is really difficult. The better the ingredients, the more difficult to work with them. That's where you really useful knowledge. Because the need to preserve the taste of the product, and not to distort it beyond recognition by various sauces and culinary hoaxes.

Keep it simple! Typically, the chef did not know where to stop. All invent something on the spot in hopes to combat the visitors. The vicious practice. You can make a super complicated dish, but the response to it will be the most unpredictable. When it comes to make up 7-8, I forbid recipe. Requires a maximum of five ingredients. The more complex the dish, the more complex and less intense at the same time it has flavor. To hell hoax. You cook for their guests. You have to trust. And how, tell me, will take trust, if you are offering something inedible?

You even tried that put on the menu? How many chefs know what they're prepared bad food? This is madness! They say the dishes look good. But that does not mean devil's sake, it's delicious! And what is it all about - "looks good" ?! Externally, it can be fantastic. And what is the result? You bring the Empire State Building on a plate, built of products, and you think, what to do. A memory ultimately will smell (rather than the appearance and even taste). And if there is, in this ease, there will be some "extra", so to speak, the aroma, you remember that. The smell will be stored in your memory 20 years in contrast to the great offer visual image. We must try everything that you cook, your mother! I like a horse, I chew all day ... Even my wife's cooking. A cook from her even that.

And stop thinking about glory. To hell with the glory! If you came to the plate just to get his culinary "Oscar" and think about how to begin to conduct a cooking show in prime time, you're better off doing something else. Of course, every player wants to win the World Cup, every actor wants to get a prize from the Academy of Hollywood, and every chef wants to get a star Michelin. Do you know how to earn? Forget about them. Forever! Work until he lost consciousness. Lecturing to the maximum, and they will find you. Focus on more important things - how to fill the restaurant. One day in the year, 24 hours, you will be able to enjoy the glory ... But then again, will work blissfully.

Gordon Ramsay

Well I do not know! Arguably it all ... the cult of food, and Russian in his agony! Well that does not bear paw snack!



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