10 tricks of the best chefs, silent about which Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay

As one cannot repeat the recipes of chefs, when others even scrambled eggs can't cook? It turns out that the devil is in the details.

The website peeked a few clever tricks used by the best chefs in the world. No shark's fin and sapernaja, much easier.

1. Delicious bacon it the oven

Ina Garten believes that this is the easiest way to make bacon crispy, not peredaril it. Bake for 15-20 minutes on the grill or baking paper at 200 °C, turning occasionally.

2. Meat clean from the grill for 10 seconds until ready

Bobby Flay claims that the most succulent meat or fish on the grill can be obtained, ifremoved from the grill for 10 seconds until ready and give them a "rest". Turn meat carefully with tongs, so as not to damage it and leave it a maximum of juice.

3. The pasta does not stick together, if you add oil

Gordon Ramsay advisesto add some olive oil in the water, bring to boil, then in boiling water to cook the pasta until tender, so they turned out delicious, but not glued.

4. Natural broth instead of harmful chemicals

Anthony Bourdain recommends cooking a large amount of broth and then freeze it. It only takes half an hour, and the week ahead will turn out natural broth for soups. Will only have to heat up a frozen billet.

5. Hand can replace the measuring cups and scales

6. Omelet cook, constantly whisking eggs

To get the perfect air omelet, Jacques Pepin during cooking all the time whisk the egg mixture, shaking the pan. Before that, he pierces the yolk with a fork to quickly whisk, and fry the omelet just for the butter.

7. When blanching vegetables need more space

So the vegetable retains its color, was soft and juicy, josé andrés advises them to take 2/3 of the pan. If it's small, and a lot of vegetables, blanch portions. Watch the time: it is enough from 1 to 8 minutes depending on the product.

8. The chicken will be juicy if you bake it in parchment

Martha Stewart advises to bake a whole chicken and a Turkey, wrapped in greaseproof paper to keep the meat turned out juicy and soft.

9. To determine the readiness of a steak on the fingers

Jamie Oliver uses a trick with the hand to determine the readiness of a steak. Fold the hand as in the picture and compare to the touch softness and tone of her palm and steak.

10. Double roast chicken for a crispy crust

To get chicken with a crispy delicious crust, Marcus Samuelsson advises after roasting allow it to cool down for 10 minutes and then fry it again for a couple minutes.

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