Lost Chance Jamie Lynn Spears

The world is so unfair arranged - who had come, and sneakers. Surely you know a lot of celebrities, whose brother or sister is also a celebrity, but a much smaller caliber). Well, take for example Paris and Nicky Hilton. Nikki like too as you know, on Peris knows a lot more people. Or here's brothers Alex and Andrew Chadov (well, I primerchik issued) - you know a lot about Andrew Chadov?) In short, I want to say that never happens to brothers and sisters were equally known. Although Jamie Lynn Spears, Britney's younger sister, had a chance to catch up with her sister's popularity, but she profukali. How? Read ...

Jamie Lynn is now twenty years. At fourteen, she could catch a goldfish and become no less popular than the older sister, who by that time was listed as a pop princess. Jamie Lynn Spears was the main star of the teen series ¬ęZoey 101", which is similar to the concept of "Hana Montana" - where the children sang, danced, etc. Jamie Lynn also sang, and quite well. In 2006, the younger Spears won a Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards.

After that, it was necessary to strike while the iron is hot, that is, to sing, record albums, but Jamie Lynn somehow braked. However, the cause was compelling - while she twisted lava with a guy named Casey Aldridge, her senior by two years. But do not think that they are just the handles held - in 2007, Jamie Lynn announced that she was pregnant. Mother Spears was shocked, because she had seen in the second youngest daughter Britney

It is clear that pregnant Jamie Lynn could not act in the series for teenagers, so ¬ęZoey 101" safely turned. In 2008, Jamie gave birth to daughter Maddie. Subsequently, she became engaged to the baby's father, but then broke up with him, then reunited and once again parted. In 2010, Jamie Lynn decided to enter the same river twice and again succeed in show business. She began to sling ink songs in country style, but they are very few people were interested. Now Jamie Lynn nyanchitsya baby Maddie and acts in provincial towns. Chance to become a famous singer profukali it, but she has the baby, whom she adores - so call it luzershey not necessary))


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