13 tips on how to dress up the girls after 30 to look young, but not teenage

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Probably any young woman over 30, which seeks to dress fashionable and relevant at least once was worried: "not too teen I dressed up today, isn't it?" After all, remember, as sad look on 50 year old ladies with pink skirts or plaid shirts that tight.

The female half of the Site learned how to dress up the famous fashionista to look young but not a girl. Their insights we share with you. And just say: there is no advice to forget about the mini and go solely on pencil skirts and refreshing color. In the end, only we can decide how and what to wear.

The bag and backpack: strict shape instead of shapelessness Shapeless big backpack or bag-Torba simplify the image and give it a teenage traits. If there is a need to carry many things, it is better to choose a roomy bag clear outlines, like Miranda Kerr. Or backpack geometric shapes and without sovushek and studs like Kate Bosworth.

Cropped tops: skirt with high waist, Cropped tops — it is stylish, Yes. And I want to wear. But a stomach like a Board most of us were only in early youth. "Girls over 30" to wear a crop top better with the skirt at the waist that was visible only a narrow strip of leather and was closed navel — the abdomen looks more flat. By the way, this combination creates the correct proportions of the body: balances the top and bottom and makes the legs longer.

Skinny: with the massive shoes or heels Skinny have a bad habit weight priest and thighs in a bad light to give a figure. Therefore it is better to choose a loose top and not to combine them with ballet flats or other minimalist shoes. You should wear shoes with heels, ankle boots, heavy boots or athletic shoes.

Bodycon dresses vs. dresses fitted Knit dress in tight — it can afford only a young girl if she has a perfect body. It is necessary to choose sexy, figure-hugging dress but not tight. But if in the upper part are three-dimensional parts, for example a lush sleeve — this will give the most desirable balance of top and bottom and adorn the figure.

Sports shoes with a dress or coat: simple style Light floral dress and sport shoes, clearly not. This combination to someone over the age of 20 will look ridiculous. Dress it is better to choose a clean and simple cut, sporty silhouette. In addition, it is necessary to choose shoes in sport style, not running shoes designed specifically for sports and classic sneakers. If you do decide on sneakers or sports sneakers, you might want to choose something very relaxed type direct coat without unnecessary details, like Alexa Chung (below).

Shorts: loose-fitting closed top, good shoes Choose the available models from dense fabrics that hold their shape well and don't crease. Shorts with lace and other delicate fabrics, more reminiscent of underwear, increase ass and actually go units. Of course, the top needs to be free and not too open. Another good way is to wear shorts gorgeous. Not with spankings, like the beach, and with good shoes and a bag like Olivia Palermo ("right" the right).

Aggressive sexy vs style. intelligent sexy 30 something — time intelligent sexuality. Neckline, lace, high slit, short skirt — it all has to go solo. Victoria Beckham knows a lot about low-key, but effective sexuality, and it can safely take an example.

Fitted Quinceanera dresses vs. dresses A-line Light dresses with elastic at the waist is associated exclusively with young girls. And, hand on heart, say that they are very few people decorate, even Jennifer aniston. Should you choose dresses from A-line, fitted and not. They draw attention to the slender legs and creates a sense of fragility of the figure.

Mini skirt: tight fabric and loose top If you read in a network how to dress girls over 30, it is possible to repeatedly meet with the Council to throw the mini in the trash. But we strongly disagree. What if someone just discovered this miracle? In my youth, when we are unhappy, shy, and now, on the contrary, gained confidence. We believe: to wear a mini. Should just apply a known rule: the top must be closed. Add another: it is better to choose a slightly loose top, not the bare belly and no knitted skirts — only models that keep their shape (like Miranda Kerr on the "right" photo).

Flared short skirts vs. the A-line skirt the same can be said about the lush skirts with ruching at the waist. They, of course, infinitely nice, but not suitable for teenagers. And as you can see, not even Jessica Alba. They are far better replaced by a short A-line skirt, and if you want pomp — on skirt in the style of a new look. And if you don't have the body type of the model, it is best to the upper part of the skirt to her hip, or visually added a couple of extra pounds.

Experiments: layering in the Eastern style Ladies over 30, believe that luck, perhaps more than very young girls. They are more confident, less dependent on the opinions of others and can afford to experiment. And there seems to be a very interesting experiment with form. For example, instead of deliberate sexy style that thrives in instagram, you can explore Japanese and Korean street styles: layering, elegant, loose dress + tight pants, interesting textures.

Cool detail At the expense of external showiness ladies over 30 can afford to pay more attention to the details — unusual fabric, exquisite lace, delicate combinations of shades. This creates the depth and thoughtfulness of the image available to those who already understand themselves better.

A win-win combination: jeans + blazer or cardigan + accessories Coolest ensembles can be indefinitely to be well-seated in you jeans, several tops, jacket, cardigan or leather jacket. It's a lifesaver on many occasions and a great way to look important. And if you pick up a pair of colored glasses and scarves, the problem is "what to wear" is solved for the whole spring. Should take a cue from Jessica Alba, which in this case the dog ate.

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