11 hairstyles, which are ideal for women younger than 40. Be just a few minutes!

Women over 40 need a little more effort to look your best. It is necessary to consider the right make-up that will suit you and your age, the right haircut for your face shape and style of dress. To help determine the hair, .cc has prepared 11 different styling that will make a woman under the age of 40 after. Make this myself as an example of American stars.

Choppy Bob
Kristen Wiig made the right decision by making himself a choppy bob with sharp shoulder-length locks and uneven contour. This option hairstyle not only young, but also looks very stylish. Choppy Bob is ideal for oval and heart-shaped face, because visually lengthen the neck. This hairstyle is suitable for any type of hair, but do not forget that the hairstyle should not be a lot of layers, as they add age.

wavy bob
Halle Berry shows that the wavy bob young women over 40. This hairstyle looks very easy due to the soft bangs, wavy structure and elastic ends.

Bob layers
Classical hairstyle chosen Cate Blanchett, suitable for women who want to look good without much effort. This haircut is suitable for almost all face shapes for any hair texture. Just take note that if you have a round face shape, you should choose a longer version of the hairstyle.

Asymmetrical bob
Portia de Rossi his example shows that short hair looks perfect on the ladies over 40. This asymmetrical bob really helps to look young, fresh and modern.

The wavy hairstyle with bangs to the side
Beach texture hairstyle Amy Poehler makes her look much younger. Disorderly curls emphasize it. To make the open look long locks curled the front in the direction of the face.

short hairstyle with bangs oblique soft
Due to their hair curled into ringlets with oblique bangs and Cameron Diaz looks very young. This hairstyle is easy to make at home. You need to dry your hair, twisting them round brush underneath. This installation will help to hide a wide forehead, fine lines around the eyes, and is ideal for fine hair.

The asymmetry
Gabrielle Union chose asymmetry, average length and straight tips, which enable it to look younger than their years. If you make up your mind to make such a hairstyle, do not be afraid to wrap the hair behind the ear, it will accentuate your cleavage.

Shearing layers shoulder-length
Tina Fey - the owner of the bulk layers hairstyle with long curls of a person. To make such a packing can wind the hair on curlers with Velcro or dry them with a round brush, lifting the roots and curls twisting them at the ends towards the face or out at will.

curls to his shoulders
Jennifer Garner knows that the classic shoulder-length haircut looks great. Make light curls, and you'll be under the age of just a few years. If you choose a hairstyle with regular long locks, curls will look firm and beautiful.

ladder long hair
Jennifer Aniston over the years only younger and in this great merit of her stylist. Long layers haircut looks great and will fit almost all women. But do not do such a cut too short.

Long hair
Jennifer Lopez knows that women over 40 can also have long hair. But we must make sure that the person curls were a little shorter. Stack them in a way to open it.

Each of the proposed hairstyles perfect. So, daring to change the image, select the most appropriate option, and flee to the hairdresser!

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