15 stretching exercises that will give you a new body

Stretching muscles need all - hostages sedentary lifestyle, physically active people and athletes. It helps improve posture, facilitate the implementation of different exercises, while reducing the risk of injury and easing pain.

< Website 15 picked for you the most useful, but it is light to carry out stretching exercises . Engage with pleasure

Exercise number 1

  • Perform: maximum straighten neck, slowly tilt your head, trying to touch the shoulder ear

  • effect:. stretching and strengthening of the sternoclavicular-mastoid and upper trapezius muscles

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    Exercise number 2

    • Performance: back straight, interlock your fingers into the lock of his head, gently push his hands on his head, try to touch the chin, chest

    • The effect:.. stretching and strengthening the sternoclavicular-mastoid and upper trapezius muscles

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      Exercise number 3

      • Performance: stand on one knee, slowly post right hip forward. Grasp the back foot and tighten the gluteal muscle

      • Effect:. This pose stretches the muscles are particularly well over the knee and strengthens the hamstring

        Exercise number 4

        • Performance: straighten your arm across the body and lightly press down on it to strengthen muscle stretching

        • effect:. shoulder stretch and strengthen the neck muscles

          Exercise number 5 <. br>

          • Execution: bend your right knee and place your right foot on the floor on the outside of the left thigh as close to the pelvis. Align the right hand back and clasp your left knee bent. Then change legs

          • The effect:. The disclosure of the thorax, the elongation of the neck muscles, shoulders, back and hips

            Exercise number 6

            • Performance: stand in the bar, and then expose the left foot as close to the palms, feel the tension in the hips. After the return to the bar and repeat with the right leg

            • Effect:. Strengthening and extension of the hips and ankles

              Exercise number 7

              • Execution: Lie on your back, place the bent knees through . body slowly turning body in the opposite direction

              • The effect: an increase in mobility of the spine and its elongation, tensile thighs, chest, shoulders and upper back

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                Exercise number 8

                • Performance: sit on your heels, pull the arms back and push hips forward and up, not overtaxing the waist. . If you have problems with the neck does not throw back his head back

                • Effect: strengthening the direct and external obliques

                  Exercise number 9

                  • Execution: Lie on your back and bend your knees, feet on the width of the pelvis. Lift your buttocks and slowly tear off the back of the floor. Presses the foot and back of the shoulder to the floor

                  • Effect:. Pulls the chest, neck and spine. It soothes the nervous system, relieves stress.

                    • Perform : Lie on your side, prop his head by hand, bend the leg at the knee and pull it to the buttock

                    • effect:. this exercise helps to get rid of the pain in the knee joints


                      Exercise number 11

                      • Performance: from a sitting position slowly pull the leg to the chest and turn the thigh outward, keeping the back straight

                      • effect:. strengthening the gluteal muscles

                        . Exercise number 12

                        • Execution: Sit on the floor, extend your legs forward, pushing the heel away from you. Place the torso on your thighs, palms grasp the feet. It is very important to keep your lower back straight and strive to put the stomach on your thighs

                        • Effect:. Posture calms the nervous system, relieves stress, and lengthens the spine, shoulder and hamstring
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                          Exercise number 13

                          • Performance: grasp the ankle of the left leg with his left hand and try to pull up the foot as close as possible to the buttocks. Keep your back straight

                          • Effect:. Posterior thigh surface tension

                            Exercise number 14

                            • Performance: take the child pose, then weave your hands and slide them as far as possible behind your back, lift your hips off the toe. For the convenience of the head rest against the floor

                            • Effect:. Stretching the neck and shoulders. Also, exercise can reduce the headache and drowsiness.

                              • Performance: uprites heel into the floor, and the toe of the wall. Gently press down on the toe, feeling the tension in the foot. Change legs

                              • Effect:. Stretching the calf muscles

                                . It is important to remember that when performing the exercises do not need to bring a banner to pain. If you still feel a sharp pain, you must stop and correct technique. Try to perform the movements as much as possible of course, not overtaxing the muscles, and follow the breath.

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