Stretching exercises for beginners

Every form of exercise carries its specific benefit to the body. Not the exception and stretching exercises, which have recently gained enormous popularity. They even dedicated a whole new trend in fitness called stretching.

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Use stretching exercises

Regularly performing exercises for stretching, you will increase the elasticity of the ligaments and tendons as well as joint mobility. During classes stretching is a more effective supply of muscles with blood and nutrients that allows you to preserve their elasticity. They also improve posture, make the body slimmer, more graceful and more flexible. Exercises to stretch muscles is a good means of struggle against salt deposits and prevention of hypokinesia and osteoporosis. In addition they relieve mental tension, relax, relieve fatigue and even slow the aging process.

The basic rules of performance of exercises for stretching

  • The classes stretching should always be preceded by warm-up. Would be perfect for that intense aerobic exercise for example dancing, jumping, running, exercise bikes, etc.

  • During exercise you should not feel pain. No need to over-zealous and pull too hard.

  • Stretching, not Pointe better perform the "hold".

  • Stay in each pose should be 10-30 seconds. During this time you should disappear any tension.

  • All exercises must be performed for each of the parties.

  • Performing stretching any part of the body, try all of the attention to concentrate on it.

  • During training be sure to follow the breath. Never delay, but do not rush to exhale. Ideally, your breathing should be deep enough and measured.


The complex of exercises for stretching

There are numerous types of exercises of stretching, some of them very simple and suitable even for children, others are incredibly complex and therefore afford only to professionals. We consider the complex which is ideal for beginners.

Stretching of the neck muscles

1. Stand up straight and spread your legs a little. You put your hand on your head and gently pressing her hand, an ear, try to reach the shoulder. Repeat the movement in the other direction.

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2. Again, place the palm on the head. Pressing lightly on the head with your hand, tilt it to the side and forward, as if trying to get the chin to the collarbone.

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3. Place both palms on the back of the head. Pressing lightly on their head, bring your chin to your chest.

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Stretching for the chest

1. Become straight, legs apart a little. Raising his hands to shoulder level and place them to the side. Gently pull back on the palm of your hand, as far as possible.

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2. Stand sideways to step away from the wall and rest against it with her palm, the palm should be level with the shoulder. Turn the body, like turn away from the wall.

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3. Kneel down. Straighten your arms, bend down and lean your hands on the floor. While the shins and thighs should be at right angles.

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Stretching back muscles

1. Become straight and slightly apart and bend your legs. Lean forward, put your hands together under the knees, then round the back.

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2. On your hands and knees, walk hands slightly forward and to the side, and tilt in the same direction of the case. At the same time try to touch the floor with your elbows.

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3. Standing on all fours, round your back up. Briefly lock position and then bend down.

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Stretching leg muscles

All the exercises you need to perform first one leg, then another.

1. Sit on the floor and straighten the leg. Bend your left leg and place her foot at the outer side of the knee of the other leg. The elbow of the right hand put on the left knee and rest your left hand on the floor behind him. Pushing on the knee with your elbow pull on the muscles of the thigh.

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2. From a seated position, right leg pull back, and the left bent at the knee, place in front of him. Lean the torso forward, trying elbows touch the floor.

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3. Lying on the floor, bend your right leg and place her knee on the Shin of the left leg. Hands grasp the right foot and pull up.

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4. On my knees, pull forward, the right leg so that her heel rested on the floor, and the toe stretched upward. Place your palms on the floor without bending your leg, reach forward.

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5. Sitting on the floor with legs position as widely as possible. Lean forward, keeping your back straight.

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6. Lie on your stomach and lean your forehead on the right hand. Bend your left leg, grasp her foot with your left hand and not much pull to the cheek.

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7. Stand up straight and face the wall. Put your arm around her lower part of the arms, take one foot back, and then lower the heel on the floor.

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Stretching the muscles of the hands

1. You'll need a towel or belt. Become straight and slightly spread your legs. Take the right hand one end of the strap, bend it at the elbow and behind your back. The left hand take a second end of the strap. Turning it over in his hands, try to bring the hands towards each other. Then do the same in the other direction.

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2. Hold the belt behind your back, as close to each other by the hands, try to raise them as high as possible.published 

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