Pain don't hurt other people

Pain don't hurt other people. And because it makes no sense to punish them. Pain is a natural whip, requires from us mindfulness, awareness and reconciliation with the fact that it exists and there is no deliverance.

Other passions, which are expressed in their abuse of you is the same natural whip, like an earthquake, tsunami, hurricane and volcanic eruption. It is in the world. And responding to violence, you become the plaything of the forces of nature, in the hands of his instincts.

If we are talking about the global evolution of consciousness, which took a different form before taking human form, in human form she created herself a tool of slomalsya. And stupid waste of life — not to take advantage of this.

At least if you realize that they are the employees of evolution, you have a chance to try what you can do if you are involved in this work, recognizing the pain your assistant in this way to indicate when you deviate from the route, suffering from the fact that events develop not so, as you see fit.



You should not build relationships with people that you don't need

I don't want daughter!


Most of the pain of modern man does not come from physical causes, threats to life and health, and resistance to the fact that events go as they go. And the best thing you can do is to engage in what is happening and to find his place in it and its direction. After doing one, you reduce the amount of violence in the world many times over.


Author: Nina Rubstein


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©



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