20 amazing facts about "berries of life" - dates

The date palm is considered to be the first plant, which civilize the people, that is, steel plant on their own for the production of food. "Life berries", "bread of the desert", "larder of nature" - the so-called finiki.Finiki - amazing food. You can eat only a few months, dates, because they contain all the necessary supply of minerals, vitamins and nutrients in order to maintain an active life. And these berries - one of the most favorite delicacies on Earth


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Dates strengthen the heart, liver and kidneys;. Maintain the acid balance of the body; To nourish the blood, are useful in anemia and hypertension; Enhance immunity; Contribute to the maintenance of beneficial microflora in the gut; < are useful for light; Soothe cough and sputum output; It stimulates the activity of the heart; Serve tonic and tonic means; Restore power after a long illness; Helps restore strength in fatigue and physical fatigue; 1 date contains about 23 calories. Dates are great substitute for sweets for those wishing to lose weight; Due to the high content of fructose great stimulate brain activity; 1 date and 1 glass of milk can provide the necessary minimum requirement human nutrients. 23 kinds of amino acids contained in the dates, absent in most other fruits. < Contraindications: obesity, diabetes

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