7 surprising facts about the "Girl with Peaches" - the most famous picture Serov

This picture is far from even know the people of art. This is the famous "Girl with Peaches" Valentin Serov. Those who are interested in the work of this artist, know more and that he posed 11-year-old Vera Mamontov - the daughter of the well-known philanthropist and a wealthy promyshlennika.No few people know what happened with the heroine when she grew up, and what a tragic fate awaited her family . < Website publish the story of the most girls.

1. His most famous work of Valentin Serov created at a young age - he at that time was only 22 years old In the spring of 1887, he returned from Italy and stopped in to visit the suburban estate of Savva Mamontov Abramtsevo.. The artist worked with inspiration and like a breeze, but the girl had to sit for a long time.

Serov later wrote about that period:

«All I wanted, - a freshness that special freshness that you always feel in nature and do not see in the pictures. I wrote more than a month and tortured her, poor thing to death. »

< 2. Manor in Abramtsevo was a real home work: there stayed Turgenev, Antokolsky, Surikov, Korovin Vera Mamontov wrote many artists, guest in Abramtsevo:. Repin, Vasnetsov, Vrubel also created portraits of her. Vrubel gave her features "Snow White", "Egyptian" Tamara in the illustrations to the "demons". Vasnetsov explained the desire of artists to write it: "It was a type of this Russian girl in nature, the beauty of the face, the charm." But the most famous was the picture of Serov's "Girl with Peaches».

3. The artist painted a portrait of the Faith in the dining room, which could be seen through the window Abramtsevo park with an alley named after the writer Gogol, who once loved to walk here. In the next room - the living room of the Red - often met writers and artists

4.. Picture Serov gave Mammoth Elizabeth, the mother of Faith, and the portrait for a long time hung in the room, which was written. Later, the picture came to the Tretyakov Gallery and in Abramtsevo have a copy. After the "Girl with Peaches" Serov talking about, and he soon became one of the most fashionable portrait painters. But what was the fate of most of the Faith Mammoth?

5. Vera married Alexander Samarin, the leader of the Moscow nobility, Minister for Ecclesiastical Affairs. The wedding took place in the Boris and Gleb church, which was destroyed later by the Bolsheviks. Now in its place, near the exit from "Arbatskaya" metro station, is a chapel.

6. The marriage was very happy, Faith gave birth to three children, but 32 years of her life suddenly cut short. In just a few days, she was burned by a strong lung inflammation.

7. After her death, Alexander Samarin never married, and in memory of his wife built a temple of the Holy Trinity in Averkieva near their homesteads. In Soviet times the church was ruined and was used as a warehouse. Now it has been restored. Husband Mammoth Vera was sent to the camp in 1920, their daughter Lisa went with him. And he died in 1932 in the gulag.

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