This test will determine how much you are aware of the modern Internet culture

In modern society, we learn about everything that happens in the world, via the Internet. But always be aware of all the events? Very simple: never shut down

Website in conjunction with «Beeline" challenge you: check your "vkursometr" and prove that the Internet does not passed by you!

# What is the Internet?

hashtag. Sharp, definitely! Translation of the Internet in the tone mode. Who is Carl?

The character from the TV series «Walking Dead». Thief coral Clara. It's Carl, Carl! You have many followers. You ...

You are planning to establish their empire. You begin to get rid of the excess. Kim Kardashian. Who is cooler Chuck Norris?

No one can be better! Chuck Norris is so steep that even steeper Chuck Norris! It is still my idol! So what color dress?

White-gold. The blue-black. Oh, everything ... Who, as we found out, "the speed without borders"?

Blitz, Blitz, speed without limits! Workers passport, not otherwise. I wish that my internet was so! What attempts DiCaprio has received "Oscar"?

Success crowned with six nominations. Yes, each of his role worthy of it! What Leo has received the "Oscar" ?! What do you know about Serov exhibition?

I am married / married (and divorced / divorced), standing in line for her! From the queue for Serov formed a small country! Some girls with some peaches? Do you know what instamit?

Meeting people who love to take pictures and publish photos in instagrame. Maybe some kind of public in instagrame. Fast Food Meat. You are asked to posherit seal. You ...

Rebelled so indecent proposal! Be at the publication of a SEAL page. Kitten sing something from the repertoire of the famous singer.



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