Children of celebrities who have achieved fame with their talent

And I'll start my story with Ani Kamenkova, which in five years has played the daughter of the legendary guerrilla commander in the film "Girl Seeks Father." For this role, she was awarded in 1960 a special prize for "Best Children's role».

Lev Anninsky, a great Russian scholar, critic and writer. At the age of five played in the movie "The Foundling" boy in kindergarten who really wanted to be a doctor and a tanker, and on weekends - fire engine and Border dog.

Natasha Rychagova. In the movie, with nine years. The first role - Nura Sinitsyna in the movie "Vasek trumpeters and his companions." Master dubbing. Duplicate Natalia Danilova (Varya Sinichkina) in the film "The Meeting Place Can not Be Changed" and Libuše Šafránková (Cinderella) in the Czech film "Three Wishes for Cinderella."

Tanya Klyueva - Barbara, beauty in the fairy tale by Alexander Rowe. In films with the 8th grade. The first role - in the children's adventure film "Scuba at the bottom", 1965.

Stanislav Sadalsky with Tanya and Lena Kliueva Koreneva in the film Nicholas Rasheeva "Apple in the palm».

Elena Morozova (in the 1970-80s in the credits - Eugene Grigoriev) Marga in the film by Alexei Uchitel "His Wife's Diary." In the cinema in five years. In the movie "Petrovka 38" played granddaughter Prohorovich, which obscures the bandit in the final and Gabi, the main role in the film "Tim Thaler or sell laughter».

Small babies delinquents in the comedy "Twins" in 1945 with Lucy Tselikovskaya starring ...

are two real stars - Light Nemolyaeva ...

and legendary figure skating coach Elena Tchaikovsky.

Four years later, the girls will play together in another movie - "Happy Flight", which will be directed by the pope of the world - Vladimir Nemolyaev.

Anton Tabakov. The first role - in the film Valery Uskov and Vladimir Krasnopolye on a story by George Nagibina "Fourth Dad", 1968.

Tanya Doronin - who plays Sonya in the film "Native Blood", 1963. Later starred in the film almanac "Magic Power" and in the film "Hello and Goodbye».

Katya Derevschikova. For the first time appeared on the screen in 12 years in the film scenario Arkady Gaidar "Personal." A year later, in 1940 - in the film "Timur and His Team" as a friend of Timur, Eugene. In 1946 starred in a fairy tale "Stone Flower" and the sports comedy "Center attack»

From the 1960s until his death, puppeteer worked at the Moscow Puppet Theater Obraztsov.

Military-adventure spy "high reward", 1939. In the role of spectators in the circus - Lala Shagalova ("It can not be!", "Marriage Bal'zaminova") and Lida Dranovskaya ("The train goes to the East"). The year before, the girl starred in another film "Seventh graders».

Lena Fetisenko. In three years, played a role in the comedy neighbor Krylov 1955 "For a showcase of department store." Starred in the films "City first love", "Kadkin everyone knows", "School Waltz", "Quarantine", "Mistress of the orphanage».

Natasha Selezneva. In the movie, the age of seven.

In 1953, for the first time appeared on the screen in the role of Sasha in the film "Alyosha Ptitsyn produces character." (Alyosha Ptitsyn - Victor Kargopoltsev)

Natasha Bogunova. Appeared on the screen in 14 years in a military movie Igor Talankin "Introduction" of the children, returning after being evacuated to Leningrad. In 1972 he played in the film Svetlana Afanasevnu Alexei Korenev "Big Break».

Yakov Segel - Robert Grant in the 1936 film "Children of Captain Grant". Member of the Great Patriotic War. Director of the film "The House I Live In", "Goodbye, pigeons," "Risk - a noble cause," "The alien».

Yakov Segel and Jeanne Bolotov on the set of the painting "The House I Live In", 1956.

Anya Nazareva. In 4 years played the daughter of Commissioner in the movie "Fire childhood."

Lena Proklova. At age 11, played at Alexander Mitta his first role - Tanya Nechayev in the film "Call, open the door».

Victor Kosyh. The first role - Kostya Inochkin in the movie by Elem Klimov, "Welcome, or No Trespassing", 1964.

Roma Madyanov. He made his debut at age 9 in the episode film "Translated from English." A year later starred in George Danelia in the film "Hopelessly Lost" in the role of Huckleberry Finn and Mikhail Zharov in the detective "Aniskin and Fantomas».

Sasha cavalry. "Mommy" in this tale Gennady shelves "Republic SHKID." In the movie, with 8 years. The first part - the blockade boy in the movie "Baltic Sky" in 1960.

Natasha Zaschipina. In the cinema since 1944. Then saw the release of "Once upon a time there was a girl," where she played her first role - a 5-year blokadnitsu Katya.

With Natasha Zaschipinoy in this film debuted 11-year-old Nina Ivanova, the future leading lady in the film and Mironer Hutsieva "Spring on Zarechnaya Street».

Lesch hot. Debut in the film - in 1962 in the film directed by Mark Donskoy "Hello, children!".

Exemption drunkard - Sergeant Cherepovets (Lesch hot). On the set of "torpedo". Severomorsk, 1983, directed by Simon Aranovich.

Nick turbine. Poems written to four years. At 9 years old, she released her first book, which was translated into a dozen languages ​​... In 10 years, received the "Golden Lion" - the main prize of the international poetry festival "Poets and the Earth." Died in 2002, torn from the fifth floor balcony.


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