"Never give up!" 10 ways to make yourself try again

The site publishes a nice article popular American motivational writer and serial entrepreneur James Altushera about what to do when no forces there, and despair fills the whole world. < Sometimes when I feel stuck and killed, I want to disappear. Move to some old apartment in the city where I did not know. Order food to the house three times a day. To find out what games are playing neighbors and play with them. Listen to music that pours from the open car window. This sweet feeling that you're invisible.

I would like to often remind ourselves that the past does not determine the future. I think: "I have a degree in X, then I should do Y». "I live with A, then it is good." Or, "I have failed in business or the arts, and try again senseless».

All of this is wrong. I spoke with Matt Berry, who was - it seemed to me - a dream job: he wrote screenplays. But all he wanted was to blog about fantasy sports. Eight years have passed and he has become a leading channel ESPN - and talks about fantasy sports.

Or take Jim Norton, with whom we grew up together. He drove a tractor and took on various minor works - and wanted to be a comedian. It took 20 years - and it is one of the world's most famous comedians.

In general, if you are desperately unhappy at work or in a relationship with someone, and you know that somewhere else there is something better - this must change. For starters ...

1. Admit it h2> I feel restless. I can not get up. The only thing you need to do right now - admit it. It's like a whisper in your body, which physically prevent you want to do something. It starts to eat you up inside. And your body will destroy you if you do not change. But first you need to notice it.

Most people are at this stage in the area of ​​30 years and their body slowly eats them alive. They are looking for drugs, but it is not the drugs that are available over the counter.

2. Disappointment h2> Well, I've noticed. But it seems to me that nothing will ever change. I'm trapped. I wasted these years.

Start list all that you like. What you loved as a kid? What now? Try it today. Become a little better at it. Think about how to bridge the gap between what you liked as a child, and what you love right now.

Brian Koppelman thought he will remain forever in the music business. So it was instituted in his family. By this it was prepared. It had turned out well.

But the past - not a jailer. He is three years discussed the idea with his friend David Levine, and then they wrote the script for the film "Rounders" - and then the script "Eleven Ocean's", and now the series for Showtime.

I'm still looking for clues every day. Every day - day of the second birth.

3. Education h2> Go to the bookstore and look for books, from which you have breathtaking. Remember the conversations that you remember. What are the relationships in your life you admire. Read. Search for new people with whom you can talk. Learn all. See all.

And let the people say - "you spoil your life." Its OK. They are not my captors. I am my own jailer. And release yourself to the will of every morning.

4. The defeat h2> In all, for whatever I undertook, I suffered defeats. My first two or three business failed. But what's really there, 17 of the 20 started my business failed. My first five books have not been published. I never got to do a TV series. And I can list a lot of things.

I try to just be the best in the world - but this is only my idiocy. First, I have to become a pathetic loser and feel what it is. What do I need to climb peaks. It is a long time.
The success of perseverance + = love.

5. Is it worth it to continue? H2> Maybe. Or maybe not. In the early 1990s I wrote four books. Nothing succeeded. I dropped everything and took a job at HBO.

Seven years later, I again began to write the book. But it was boring books about finance. And after eight years, I started to write something a little more private. And now I write whatever I want, and my books sold well.

But we'll see. Right now I'm writing something else. Something much more dramatic. Maybe it will, maybe not. In any case - it will have to be a loser, to learn something.

Do not drop. Do not look for excuses. Do not burn bridges. Maybe you drew as a child? Try again!

6. Return h2> I am often upset my relationship, or my text or my business affairs. Discontent is - it is a challenge itself. Every day, I press on more than you need. Sometimes it gets too painful. But I know when I'm at an impasse. I know how it is to see. I know how to find what I love. And I always come back to what I like.

7. Mentors h2> In every area of ​​my life I have had wonderful teachers. How to find a mentor? If you need one that will communicate with you, offer him ideas. Do not ask "what can I do?" It is better to do first, and then ask them to evaluate.

If you need a virtual mentor (sometimes best), read 200 books in the field of your interest. 50 books = 1 mentor.

8. Be your voice h2> The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones, U2, Wu-Tang Clan - they do not sound like those bands that came before them. They do not sound 100% different. They took all of the past and the first repeat and repeat past practices, and then gradually found their unique voice.

Many people (me too) shall be on the road between imitation and uniqueness. Do not fall into this trap. There is a search technology "voice" - each day write down ten ideas in the area that interests you.

9. Again failure h2> The defeat of the non-stop - that's the secret of success. Only defeated, but knowing defeat and documenting it, making a list of "don'ts" and a list of "what works", you can succeed. Defeated as often as possible.

Even thoughts can be wrong. It is important to mark them "useful" and "useless." It is this practice. This is the ability to try again.

But more important is another element.

10. The people you love h2> When I'm stuck, I reach for my friends. When I fail, they stretch out their arms and lifted me. Friends do not always know what is best for you. But they will soothe you, support you, and you'll be grateful for what you have them. Tie up the gossip about them. Do not try to teach them. Just be thankful for what they have.

To be born again - not necessarily to do something radical. It is not necessary to turn from a truck driver in a professional basketball player.

You can turn from a good person in the person who has become better. From incompetent to competent. From a good friend in the excellent. From slave to free man. Of person who allows others to decide when he is happy with a man who chooses it himself.

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