Great letter Mark Zuckerberg newborn daughter

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg accepts congratulations on the remarkable event: the other day he had a daughter he had with his wife Priscilla Chan called Maks.V Facebook Marc published an open letter to her daughter, which promises her that he would make every effort to make the world a better place. And this is not just a word: Marc plans to gradually get rid of 99% stake in Facebook, and transfer the money to charity.


Website publishes the most important passages from his writings. The full text can be found on the page in the social network of Zuckerberg.


- Honey Max!

We have with my mother is not enough words to describe the hope that you gave us his birth. Your life is full of promises, and we are very hope that the thou shalt be to grow a healthy and happy and'll be able to to implement them.

How to and all parents, we want to, you to grew in a better world. Newspapers is constantly shout about how all awful, but in fact the world really is changing. Health of people improves. Poverty shrinking. Knowledge grow. People are combined. Workflow helps to make life easier and better.

But in at the moment we are doing is not enough for solutions of those problems, with whom in the future will face your generation. It:

Illnesses of. Today people most of all die from diseases of the heart, of cancer, of stroke, neurodegenerative and of infectious diseases. And we can achieve more rapid progress in their treatment. The inequality and disunity. Can we to destroy the poverty and hunger? We can provide every human being on earth medical help? We can make good prevailed among the people and understanding? We can achieve peace between different peoples? Yes, our generation may of all this achieve, just need to strongly to want and attach the efforts of. Standardized training of. Our generation grew up in classes where all crammed same. I want your generation to set goals based on who you want to become. Students be able to receive personalized education, even if the next to no good school - on the internet. We have already begun to develop such a system of education, and the first results promising. Children who grow up in appalling conditions. Technologies by themselves do not will decide to of our problems - a better world begins with the construction healthy society. This means, that every child on the earth - regardless of the color of the skin and affluence - must to learn and grow happy. Your mother - a doctor and a teacher, and for her the issue is most important. We have your mother decided to dedicate our lives solving problems that urgently stand in front of you and your peers. I'll lead the Facebook still many, many years, but these issues are too important to put off their old age. You need to think about them now.

Therefore, we have launched a charitable foundation Chan Zuckerberg Initiative - we want to join the ranks of those who develop the human potential and try to make sure that all children in the world can grow up healthy and happy. The main objectives of of our fund - the development of of individual training, treatment of diseases of, association of people and creation of strong communities.

For the life we ​​gradually sell 99% of our shares Facebook - currently about $ 45 billion - and give the money to our charity fund. We know that this is not so much in comparison with the knowledge and talents people who are already working to create a better world. But we're doing what we can.

I understand that at everyone who me now reads, have a bunch of of questions. We are with Priscilla will tell more info about everything a little later. And while we not breath enough on the malyshku and to think not can neither about anything else.

Max, we are so love you. And we are sure, what to do the world a better for you and all children - it is our responsibility. We wish you your life, in which the will be so much same of love, of hope and joy, how much do you givest to us. We dream see which you will become and that thou bring into this world.



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