11 things you should start doing for yourself now!

Life is short. We so often hear and wonder whether what this means? The meaning of this phrase is simple: in life you need to have fun, do not need to waste time on a permanent sacrifice. More positive energy - this will help you simple techniques that will support your inner positive charge.

1. UlybaytesKazhdy time you breaks into a smile, your body produces endorphins, which improve emotional state. According to Psychology Today: «Smile activates the nerve endings, and it not only makes us happier, but also good for your health».

2. SmeytesByvayut such moments that even laugh, even cry. Of course, you can and cry, but it's better to alleviate the situation and laugh. Laughter and humor have medicinal properties and can help to improve on even the worst day.

3. Be blagodarnyMnogie of us sometimes forget how lucky they were in this life. Think sometimes of less affluent and more unhappy people. The feeling of gratitude will appreciate the abundance around you that you've never noticed.

4. It happens in open vozduheVybratsya from the house to admire the beauty of nature - the best medicine for stress. All you need - a few minutes of rest, and - done! Many scholars have noted the beneficial effects of this leisure.

5. Let yourself chuvstvamOdno of the best displays of self-love - is to listen to your own feelings. It should just accept the fact that all your emotions are your reasons, you should not ignore them.

6. Give yourself a little lyubviInogda simply show the love of himself - who, if not you deserve it the most! Plan a trip to the spa, good night's sleep, go to your favorite restaurant, fit any activity that brings you pleasure. Take time to his beloved, we fulfill their own desires.

7. Live in nastoyaschemLuchshego time than now, will not. Sometimes it is useful to focus on their current life and past and future put to the background. People tend to think that they could do that would happen, but we can not live in another place and at another time, now - this is our life.

8. Keep your granitsyVazhno able to fend for themselves. Dare to give people around to understand what is permissible and what is absolutely unacceptable, just so you'll be honest with yourself.

9. Slow down tempRasslabtes. Today, on the way to work or home to find pleasure in the trip itself, in a picture outside the window, instead of thinking about the future concerns. Take a deep breath and enjoy.

10. Avoid toxic situatsiyVremya from time to time on our way there are "toxic people" - people, after communicating with whom we can only emptiness, disappointment and anger. The best thing you can do is - as far as possible to avoid such individuals and to minimize contact with them.

11. schastemPodelites Share your happiness with others: it may manifest itself in the form of volunteering or in the form of donations. Do not you just feel better - you can change someone's life.

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