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Italy - it is not only the cradle of European civilization, the birthplace of the Renaissance genius and the country, similar to the boots, but also a real fount of folk wisdom. On the Mediterranean coast live amazing, cheerful, emotional people, lovers of wine and beautiful women and famous centenarians. We can learn a lot from them.

Website is the Italian folk sayings - such as the hot, bright and distinctive as Italy itself.

When the game is over, the king and the pawn fall into the same box. Revenge - a dish that must be served cold. It is better to live a day, a lion than a hundred years of sheep. Guests fish after three days stink. Life is like a Christmas tree: there is always someone who will break the balls. God save me from my friends and the enemies I can handle myself. Who knows himself, knows the whole world. Nothing is impossible if you want it. I do not judge people by what they say about them. Wine and friendship, if not older, are not worth a penny. If you're lying, it is brief. From time to time endure fools - you can find something worthwhile. But I do not argue with them. The enemy is dangerous when think defeated. There are two ways to argue with a woman. None work. Beauty without kindness is like stale wine. Born donkey dies horse. No less work than to do and redo. You want to be appreciated, - it dies. Nobody wants to be lonely, even in paradise. All of God - with the exception of women. Love, fire, and a cough can not be concealed from the people. The love war, winning the one who leaves. It is not enough just to have the money, we must also know how to spend it. Slow aging - the key to longevity. Only your true friend will tell you that your face in the dirt. Do not touch the problem until the problem does not touch you. The world belongs to the patient. Hope is good for breakfast, but it is bad for dinner. Do not try the depth of the river with both feet. In countries where you come, walk in the manners that you can find. No peace in the henhouse, where the rooster is silent and the hen cries. Alien Cast Board or accept, but it never deviated from his. God loves to talk with those who are silent. Man years more than me than books. That meant you did not take one.



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