7 REASONS WHY BEST grow in an Italian family

How is it to be part of a large and a little crazy Italian family? Listen to the story first hand!

Have you ever wondered how it is to be part of a large and a little crazy Italian family? No, better not, Have you ever grow up as one of those families? Fortunately, I'm one of those lucky enough to be born and grow up in a family ... and the story of my family that I can share with you - are endless.

For anyone who grew up in a family like mine, this is for you. And as for those who grew up in other families, but now can thank me for this story:

1. Sunday
For many non-Italians, Sunday is probably one of the least favorite day of the week. But for Italians, on the contrary, Sunday is the favorite day.

You know, Sunday - a day that is dedicated to only one thing: the family. No one Sunday passes without a full table gorgeous Italian food, which was sitting at least 20 family members and even friends and even neighbors.

There is nothing in the full sense of the word, nothing that can be compared with the mother's or grandmother's sauce and meatballs. Smell, taste, flavor, all around perfect and exquisite ...

Believe me, this evening it is impossible to resist the two, and sometimes three servings of dinner!

2. cousins ​​
Let's talk a little about cousins. First of all, I want to say that there are so many that it is sometimes impossible to remember all their names, who is whose child, who is a blood relative who has recently got married or got married. And then, when you feel that finally you know all appear completely new cousins ​​and cousins, the existence of which you never heard before.

It is a reality show called "Catch keep up with all the cousins." In short, I can not write, and about half the things that happen in an Italian family. Seriously, I can not.

3. The parties
We Italians always find a reason to throw a party. All holidays, birthdays, christenings, weddings, the birth of first child - the list is endless. You can take a driving test after three previous failures, and still is a party.

And what about the award ceremony, when you look into the room and see that all the latest platform takes your family, and they are louder than all the others put together? At the same time, a support group of a person standing next to you, consists of two, well, maybe three, and guess what? They even silently!

But wait a minute, let's for a moment back to the wedding. There's nothing like a big Italian wedding. Can there be anything better than a delicious Italian meal and endless crazy dancing with cousins?

And how can we forget the whole family to sing Dean Martin song "This Love»?

4. In what language they still speak?
How about those relatives who are all the time wrapped around circles and always mumble something in Italian to himself? Yes, you know who are talking about. What do they still say?

In fact, we will probably not want to know what they're mumbling, because in most cases they are threshed every kind of nonsense with the mat-peremat.

In addition there is no minute to hand the Italian did not participate in the conversation. What can I say? We love everything embellish several gestures here and there.

Between all these sounds and gestures mutters authentic Italian voice, I'm talking about volume, friends. We're loud and proud! I dare you to make sure that if you join a large Italian company, chances are that you will hear, are close to zero.

5. Do you know someone who knows someone who ...
It's a small world where there are my friends and my huge family. There is always during a conversation someone who knows someone in your family.

Or my favorite: "Oh, yes, I know someone who knows someone who is the best friend of your cousin».

Or the most famous: "It happened that your cousin's best friend's cousin to your best friend. Oh God, yeah you guys were just meant to be best friends !! ».

6. Tradition
All I mean every thing we do, is the fact its cause or at least a 10-minute history. We have everything connected with traditions, and believe me, we have to follow them, and then make, and every man to his own family.

For example, this Sunday gravy is so good, because every one of us at the request of Grandma puts to its special ingredient. And of course, we do not give out the secrets of cooking, so do not even ask.

And what about all those weird traditions, followed by your adult relatives, even though they have no longer any sense in today's world? Like, if you have itchy nose, it means that someone embeds you; or you got involved in a fight. Or when you say we cut our hairs newborn before his first birthday a bad omen.

And seriously, where we are with all these things? However, after 10 minutes of laughter on those who believe in it, you yourself believe. Why is that? Yes, because it is the tradition !!!

7. Love
In the end, there is one thing that remains unchanged: your family and all of this outpouring of love between you. In joy and in sorrow, in happiness in misery, your family will always be there for you. Remember that the ties of consanguinity, stronger than any other ties.

When it all boils down, your family knows you better than yourself, whether you agree with it or not. Along with all this madness comes unselfish love.

There is no one person who is willing to squeeze you more than usual and kiss. Love each other is infinite, and I would not trade it, even the whole world.

Nicole Joscelyn


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