POWER VS weakness of human nature: who wins?

From us it is: a clear understanding of what to change something, but sometimes we are not able to do basic things to your advantage. Why?

From us it is: a clear understanding that it is necessary to change something on a particular life issues, and at the same inability to change it? Where we have the opportunity to harm yourself? And for a long time, understanding the extent of the damage? After all smokers to 30 years are aware that smoking is far from being just a way to relax - it is a frank harm, bad, and just a bad habit from which they are dependent. How to have a keen desire to be healthy, happy, rich and beautiful with a grand deterrent in the form of self-sabotage and inertia? Sometimes we are not able to do basic things to your advantage. Why?

In matters of money, for example, it is easy to go into excuses. Like, for their business needs start-up capital, and for the good work - experience and higher education. Blah blah blah. There are hundreds of opposite examples. Like it or not, money is easier with the scope "otmazyvatsya" why I have not. Much curious sphere of health. How many people have confirmed that it is necessary to do exercises in the morning every day, but do not do it. You accidentally do not belong to such people?

When I write about the women in his personal diary, regularly comments come in the morning can not be run "dry" must necessarily be warm (I always do a warm-up, by the way). I have another question: a live "dry" can be? Go to work, sit at the computer, run for, and even worse not move on the car, and generally tightly to eat without heating the body in the morning is it possible?

Morning exercises "awakens" the body from the inside, gives you a burst of energy to all the centers, sets a good wave, uplifting. And you know, what is most striking? A man tries, he likes, he feels the rise ... and throws.

"What is it?" - I asked myself the question again and again over the years. Sometimes openly, sometimes barely audible whisper, afraid to even itself, because we have to admit that I am not able to do anything with it.

"What kind of garbage and how to cope with it?" - I begged himself to find a solution, and then again the terrible truth stuffing box to a remote mind not to trip over his helplessness whenever painfully broke the voice of the soul.

Simply live in the illusion that "everything is fine". You vise clamped restrictions of their wages, lack of time and physical strength, you can not be what you want, and to realize their potential, but it is much easier than to take the scalpel and carry out the operation on its own brain ...

I was a patient of the classic mental illness: buying a gym membership and do not go after the 5th class, promised herself to run 3 times a week and can not withstand even a couple of weeks, constantly overeat, assuring himself that more of this will not happen again, took a decision to conduct blog every day, and disappeared for six months, the second book was written before the middle of the left and of the inability to continue. Add to scaled guilt, which happens all the responsible people in this situation, and a burning desire to find "the very man" who will love me for who I am (read "deliver me from its own internal promiscuity"), and you get Portrait me some three years ago. Funny pictures. And believe me as the author who knows how to create images of words - the "inner world" can be richly decorate phrases about women's purpose or mission of life, presenting himself that "everything is really normal." You still have questions on the viability of such a vital position?

I really want you to see the enormity of this phenomenon. It's amazing and disgusting at the same time. We can self-harm, knowing it. We can not change their behavior, realizing that it is detrimental.

We can not eat right, we can not play sports on a regular basis, we can improve their performance at work, to keep growing, we can not start their own businesses and bring to a result, and in relationships with loved ones, we are not too much may, but are well aware that we "should" partner. For example, to make us "just as we are." Frankly, right now the question arises - why would it?

When you understand what you are doing yourself harm, - you can not take themselves "for what is." It's impossible. What can we say about others. You bet your thinking apparatus mutually task-love his killer:

"Dear body, I'm here to kill you, but you love me anyway. Okay? »

And then still surprised: "Well, why can not I love myself?»

Self-love can not be based on self-destruction - is not technically feasible. One may play the mental game called "need to accept yourself", but if you continue to cause harm to themselves and give in this report, the essence does not change: you do not love yourself, and you know about it.

Or do what is in your favor, or at least stop to consider evil what you are doing. The second way is on the verge of self-deception. Of course, you can play this game - we're all in it consists of different areas of life, but something tells me that it is far hardly go away.

Remember the parable about good and evil wolf inside every human being? It is useful to reread:

Two Wolf

One old Indian Cherokee told his grandson about the battle that takes place in the human soul. He said:

- Baby, we have to fight two wolves. One is a misfortune - fear, anxiety, anger, jealousy, sadness, self-pity, resentment and inferiority. Another wolf represents happiness - joy, love, hope, serenity, kindness, generosity, truth, and compassion.

Little Indian thought for a moment and then asked:
- And what a wolf in the end wins?

- Always wins the wolf that you feed.

Have you ever wondered who personify those wolves inside us? What exactly do we need to "feed" our strength to triumph?

A cursory glance shows that this is our good and bad habits. But I'm sure that habits - just a consequence. This is regularly repeated action, coming to the level of "autopilot". What is it that underlies habits? What motivates us to do so and not otherwise?

We can say: desire.

Then how all this heap of garbage from bad habits? Any drink seemed vile, when we sip a teenager. Similar examples are many products - olives and cheese hardly anyone understood the first time. But no time to look back - this is our favorite dish.

We could hardly wish for what we did not like the first time, why we did it, and so more regularly, which brought the level of habit? And at this level, as we know, all a pleasure: even mold, even overeating, though spirits.

No. For our habits are not desires. There is something more serious.


Our beliefs.

Beliefs. That core beliefs on all issues run the show called our life. That is an enigma of our faith, that tightly guarded, even from ourselves.

We all have an opinion on this or that bill, but the level of these thoughts - not horizontal. That is, our opinions on various issues may have a different power to influence us. In one case, we firmly believe in a certain position, in the other case - we only think. The amplitude of these different beliefs.

If you look at the issue from the perspective of the vertical location of our views on any of the events of his own life, on the surface is all that we do not know, but it seems to us (here we are easily susceptible to another point of view, especially if the person understands the issue). And then with every step down our beliefs will be compacted. The strength of our findings depends on the experience of fear, people around them and their own conclusions. At the bottom of the vertical line - our strongest convictions, which paint a picture of reality that we look at every day.

With the result that we think about ourselves: What we are weak or strong? Beautiful or not? Clever or mediocre?
With the result that we think about the relationship: Close love me or not? I am worthy of love or not? I love them or not?
What we end up thinking about work, sports, entertainment, food, habits, responsibility, business, hobbies, etc. etc.
The deep, innermost, fundamental ideas about all aspects of our being.

They are all based.

That is on what you feed persuasion - those who pull you up, or those who drag you down - depends the final score in opposition to the very two wolves.

A simple example.

Man overeat and eat a lot of sweets. He understands what is harmful in every sense, he and overweight, and the skin is bad, but continues to overeat and eat many sweets.

The fact that he understands the harm of this type of food - is a superficial belief, so it is not much affected. What is he at this moment core belief - God knows (I think he is not really aware of), one fact - that belief worked against him, as it allows your body to run and cause serious damage to one, because overeating - a primary blocker free energy in the body. This deprives him of the power as a physical force and creative spark, the ability to generate ideas, inner ease, not to mention the numerous factors associated with the appearance of the body and straight illnesses from overeating.

What will happen to the same person, if one day he will come from the doctor with a serious diagnosis or suspicion of it? And the first condition will be to give full of sugar, and then death?

At the same moment his core belief change. Now, at the bottom of the vertical scale is:

Overeating and sugar = death or infirm disease.

And not in the abstract, as it happens at the surface level, and in the fact that neither is literally his life today.

It will change. Per second. And the depth of this change will be directly proportional to the diagnosis and the chance to survive, especially if the convictions doctor who diagnoses, there is an option that the disease is completely curable. There are many examples.

What other options were this person? Think again before coming breakdown and recover at samomu.Zabetonirovat in a healthy lifestyle - this is the only way. This should be the most profound conviction! By and large, have no health compromise.

Another illustration. Now closer.

Heavy smokers easy saying goodbye to cigarettes during pregnancy. Why?

The belief that it can harm the baby stronger (deeper) than the understanding that it hurts her when she smokes daily (surface level).

This rough examples, but they illustrate the principle of good works.

If you want to change on any of the questions, but you can not - it means that in the depth you have no options to change.

If you can not afford not to change - you do not change.

Your belief that "everything is fine", despite all the suffering, lack of strength, unrealized opportunities and old plans deeper than your sincere desire to escape to the next level and become the person you want.

All the people who have reached the heights of excellence of life (that is, those who live as they like, in their own rules), much stronger than feared that everything in their life will remain as is, the risk of unknown roads change or pain at the exit of the comfort zone . They were afraid of the lack of change more than the changes themselves.

Silly fear change - risking to live without them.

The only way to break out of this vicious circle - to understand that nothing will change by itself. Are you in a rut and will go on the thumb. Today, if you can identify a seal, not to mention someone more dull, then you'll find it there tomorrow, as well as chronic fatigue and frustration. You will not save any relationship or a hobby or entertainment at many different levels. There is a time in your life - personal check this conclusion years. In the end, there is a whole industry that supports this way of life. If you want to stay that way - you only help. But do not blame the company or business, was ashamed. Maintain a lifestyle - your need, they simply provide a demand. No more than that.

When you're young, you're watching TV and you think that television conspired to make people stupid. But when you get a little older, you realize that it is not. People will want it. And it is much more depressing. The plot - it's not scary. You can shoot the bastards! A revolution! But there is no conspiracy, just a broadcaster satisfy demand. It's true.

Steve Jobs

Short-term chaotic actions will not help - only the systematic cultivation of core beliefs that work for your good, strengthening them in healthy habits and the constant divine self, the words yoga teachers. It's real. I know from my own experience. Moreover - this is the way virtually anywhere. And it's fun. We really can do everything we want.

Olesya Novikova


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