About the dangers of Enlightenment and enjoy MONEY

Excellent post Dmitry Evsyutkina enlightenment about the dangers and benefits of money. And why at seminars on spiritual growth, half - a lady with sad eyes who do not eat meat and do not engage in ...

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Some a little smaller - the young people who will put to shame any of the Flame of Knowledge paper and smoked in Goa stocks. The rest represent a hodgepodge of deaf, blind and rickety.

Of women with sad eyes, which can be seen in any esoteric Tus - you probably more or less clear.
Sadness, this stems from the lack of loot and ... and these two factors, which are deadly for an ordinary woman forced neofitok switch to vegetarianism as the only way to finally go mad. But this does not solve the problem, but the way to a standstill.

For if two of these limitations can sustain, the three together for a man of our society - a deadly dose.
As for the youth, we were all young and inquisitive. Everyone wanted to change the world, or at least do something for immortality.

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He was careless and naive
Turtles youthful look.
Everything seemed marvelous
Three hundred years ago! ©

The rest of the motley crowd comes to such seminars for a thousand different reasons, which can be reduced to a fraction.

Above - the lack of money. Below issue date. Problems may be different. He died chosen last summer in the forest hedgehog. Died fish in an aquarium. The neighbor did not give 50 rubles taken them "to pay».

All of this vicious circle. No money, because the problem and presses all the energy spent on its solution. There is no solution, because they want to eat all the time spent on the search for sustenance.

In general, as my grandmother used to say "if there is no money in the house, tie the ass broom».

What she meant, I unfortunately never found. Was it a Zen koan or simply call to sit on a broom and go to the dogs, now we do not know.

But the grandmother to the last day of his life worked, gave birth to seven children, had died in the diet, prayed a lot and never bother with this nonsense.

But back to the spiritual quest, self-development and the light shining Nibbana.

In the life of a Hindu, from which we take an example in regard to spiritual practices, there are four stages. I will use a simplified terminology that idea was understood by all.

The first stage - the apprenticeship school, which lasts about a wedding.

The second is the family, children, house, and all the material things that are connected with it.

The third stage - seclusion. And the fourth - vagrancy.

The last two represent liberation from all bindings and find enlightenment.

In the first two periods laid everything else. All material, passionate, extraordinary. Life is full of desire and suffering, love and hate, greed and survival.

When the second phase finishes and begins the third? Logically this is the age of 50-60 years, when reached a certain material well-being, children adults, and all the debts of the society are given.

Why are we all wrong? Or rather, why do we again all through the ass?

Our truth seekers are Oshovsky sannyasins years or Hare Krishnas in 18-25, toil foolishness five, ten or even more years, and the age of forty come to a state of feverish excitement, sunken eyes, and vegetarianism.

The picture shows young people are the Hare Krishnas to touch with their hands incognizant ©

That is, the Mahatma, the Upanishads, Maha Yogi Babaji and tell them one thing and our persistent ezochteniki do things his own way, and then complain about the result. And at parties, where going to a yoga Ukrainian, Belarusian and Russian sannyasins vegans can hear such talk:

- Well, as you Advaita?
- Do you know something has gone. I'm hooked on Tantra.
- Well. You be careful out there, I studied Tantra for a month, and for six months is not a member.
And sighing, they continue to talk about the Kali Yuga, the era in which humanity has no chance of development of nepreodolёnnyh samskaras Jiva and treacherous vrtti swinging in a stream of consciousness as cow dung in the murky waters of the Ganges.

On this occasion I am reminded of a parable. Once a wise man asked:
"Teacher, what will happen to us after we die?". The elder just laughed and did not answer. One day the disciples asked him why he never answers this question.
- Have you noticed that the afterlife is interested in those who do not know what to do with this? - Said the old man. - They just need one more life that can be lived as stupidly as the first.
- And yet, there is life after death or not? - I insisted one of his disciples.
- Is there life before death - that is the question - the sage replied.

How to isolate your destination from the crowd? When all these insignificant little man will understand that we are no match for them? How quickly and without pain to go beyond the mind? What capsule prefer blue or red?
And is not all this talk nonsense old, crazy turtle?
If we imagine that the whole world - it is the energy, and this is the case, then where we are in this stream?

I have already said that a man resembles a teapot. Think of "Yoga for Dummies," "Kant for Dummies", "Upanishads for Dummies" and so on.
In teapot two holes. One energy flows from other flows. That is, the energy we get from food, water, sun and love, and spend it out of instinctive-moving center to anger, self-pity, guilt, resentment, fear.
In the ordinary man, if he is not focused on some task "holes" of course more. Castaneda about it all written, I will not repeat.

Let us accept, as a fact:

The more energy in a man, the less he has problems and bad thoughts.
The lower the bad thoughts, so it is more efficient.
The bad head to the feet rest does not. Many movements -No achievements. Make a fool to pray to God, he hurt his forehead.
All these proverbs invented long before in Russia there was "Bhagavad-Gita" as presented by Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.

In the photo: the enlightened master Swami Prabhupada, the second method shows how to do Okay.

So, again, very simply, the task of man to accumulate energy and spend it effectively. It's a simple formula that leads to startling results.

Especially if you know the secret. Not the secret of the movie "The Secret" in which you just write down on paper what you want and it's all you have there, and the secret that everything happens by itself.

One simply has to reach the handle. Maker must boil and boil over. In place of trash and thousands of useless thoughts should come alone.

The picture shows a man as he is ©

What it will be depends on a single individual. Someone will come as a real samurai and make hara-kiri. Someone would go to Pune to absorb students from the speeches of sattva Rajneesh. Someone will leave the family, leaving young children. Someone starts to read Zealand, to try to find a space for themselves the options is the best.

I propose to make money.

Why is money, not a stomach ulcer or hemorrhoids?

Everything is very simple. Money - have stabilized energy. Yes, now someone scream that this placebo metal devil and secret plan zhidomasonov worshiping Baal Zebubu. This shout people with sad eyes, who love and suffer. They love money and suffer from their shortage.

Have you ever win money in the casino? Did you feel the incredible rise of the forces that were able to earn a significant amount? Do you remember the feeling of self-confidence, power can move mountains when you are holding a lot of money?
If not, try and then say I'm right or not.

What I want to say?

1. Enlightenment is sure to come. Not in this incarnation, then in the next. If you accumulate enough energy that will connect your weary thoughts about the meaning of life with the sahasrara Architect of the Universe.

2. To get a sufficient amount of energy is required concentration and meditation. The easiest technique is not focusing on a lotus flower in your heart, and in exchange rates, the price of honey from the farmers in the store or in the comparison of prices on the watch "Omega" on sites Alibaba and eBay.

When you earn money first and pomeditiruete over them, you will realize that standing on the right track. All the social ladder, pyramid Maslow, caste, caste and other rubbish was not invented for nothing.

The energy of the money (if you are not a prophet, nor a Bodhisattva) leads you to the top, where sitting in Vajrasana and better standing in Prasarita Padottanasanu you bequeath his fortune to charity all those in need, as did Andrew Carnegie, Tim Cook and Warren Buffett .

The picture shows a millionaire and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie was a true enlightened Yogi and bequeathed his fortune to blagotvoritelnost.Fraza belonging to him says: The man who dies rich, dies disgraced ©

And then, becoming beggars on their own, you umchites with Krsna straight to Valhalla, and will laugh from the infinity of vain attempts and father, and seekers of truth.

3. The game of money is like The Glass Bead Game. It is fascinating, requires perseverance, intelligence and, most importantly, understanding that this is a game.

In games children laughter and fun because the game gives energy ...
The winner is always the one who is not attached to the result.
And yes.
First money, then enlightenment. But not vice versa.

In the photo: the great Yogi Sri Sathya Sai Baba shows the first phase of the process, how to do Okay ©

P.S. For those who do not understand or can not understand everything. I just want to draw your attention to the fact that great teachers - Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Sri Sathya Sai Baba, Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, or Osho Rajneesh were dollar millionaires.

Author - Dmitry Evsyutkin


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