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phrase "Your call is very important to us, but all the operators are busy" causes irritation and anger.

That's what customers hear Virgin Atlantic:

"Hello, my name is Richard Branson, I'm the owner of the airline. Now all the operators are busy. This disorder. Let's proceed as follows: after 18 seconds if no one answers, you will get a discount of 450 pounds. I'm starting the countdown - 18, 17, 16, 15 ... »

The client listens to and passionately wants only one thing - that the operator is not picked up.

It came up with Richard Branson - a man who for some 10 years, managed to turn a small music store into a giant multi-business spread all over the continents.

If you are employed and do not make mistakes, you're not an entrepreneur. Do not touch the thing, if you do not like. I have always regarded the business as a pleasant diversion, and sometimes I forget where it ends and where the work begins personal life. My pride prevents me never admit they were wrong. I am always happy when I serve badly. No, I'm not a masochist - simply the best of my business ideas arose when I was poorly served. My willingness to listen to the opinions of others and to accept offers that are better than mine, always helped me all 40 years that I have been doing business. The enterprise is no place for a conservative way of thinking, because it cuts your wings, makes you weak, unable to assess the facts and just kills. I'm sure you can not let that stop you miserable little word "no". For me to create a business - so do something to be proud of, to unite talented people and build something that can dramatically change the lives of others. Do not be afraid to take calculated risks. Sometimes it's better this pie in the sky than a bird in the hand. It is much better to promise less and give more than vice versa. For me there is nothing worse than to hear the staff apologize for his employer. In business, as in life, it is important to do good. I still prefer to talk to people, not write. My biggest achievement is that I always wanted to give people independence, the ability to feel the responsibility and was prepared to push them to ensure that they were taking a risk and achieve goals. I did all my life tried to stay as far away from classrooms and mainly worked in three places: at home, on a yacht, and a hammock. Remember: no one else on his deathbed did not regret that too little time in the office! I never cease to be a businessman, even when I was wearing a robe, and, of course, a strict dress does not add my business skills. In every organization of any head - from the head of the department to top management - from time to time to take off his suit and get their hands dirty. Notify employees in your email address and phone number. They will not bother you for no reason, but your actions will give them a powerful psychological incentive: they know that if a solution to the problem will require your participation, they can turn to you anytime. The entrepreneur should not be considered a failure negative experience: it's just a portion of the learning curve. Success does not come by itself: on her need to work. I never say, 'I can not do that, because I do not know how it's done. " I always try. And do not let silly rules stop me. As soon as some business ceases to give pleasure, I start to think about change. Life is too short to live it with a sour face. My motto: live fun, and the money will come. There's always something to win and something to lose. Be happy and cheerful when winning. I do not regret the loss and did not repent. Never look back - past you still have not changed. But I try to learn from his mistakes. If you are starting a new business, and ask me what lessons I could share with you, then I say, "Be decency at the conclusion of each of your transactions. Do not cheat, but aim for victory. " The most important thing that I always want to achieve - is to contain a word that someone made. Morality - is not an empty word in business. The whole point of it. Business is designed to improve and enrich the lives of people, otherwise its not worth it and start. Make friends with your enemies - it is a good rule for both business and life. The success come to you one day, you will not support life. You should treat people the way you feel about yourself, and even better. True leadership is calm and clear to be able to explain why it was decided that any decision. Money - poor success rate. Worse than just fame. If you ask what I believe most, I reply to her family. I am a happy man. I always laugh. I love people, life, good jokes. I do agree that laughter ennobles the soul. My story - just my, such a strategy will work is not for everyone. I think I will not stop until you drop. I firmly believe that in life nothing is impossible.

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"To hell with all of it! Beris and do! »



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