"Heart" Richard Branson

Entrepreneur Richard Branson reveals his wealthy tourists seekers - lone island in the shape of a heart with a good name Makepeace (¬ęDelaymir" - if you convert). The island is located in the northwest of Australia in the Sunshine Coast Noosa River. Now visit this unusual place can be anyone ready to pay $ 8000 per day of stay. On 25 acres of land can comfortably settle up to 22 guests. At their disposal a full range of amenities including tennis courts, an open two-storey Balinese-style bungalows, a swimming pool with water from the lagoon, bar, spa and more. The landscape is decorated with stone statues. Until recently, to get to the "heart" the island could only friends and co-founder Richard Branson's Virgin Australia Brett Godfrey. "When Makepeace no Brett nor me, we decided to let other people enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of this unique place," - commented the decision of Branson. Especially for this partners have opened a website where you can book it a couple of days. You can also rent Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands, which also belongs to Branson. Rent this space will cost $ 53,000 per day for a group of 28 people.


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