Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo will show a new version in February 2016

Company Virgin Galactic, Richard Branson led today занимается razarbotkoy new version of the spacecraft SpaceShipTwo. World novelty show in the following year, and in February. The CEO expects that everything will go smoothly and the project will be implemented in time. I recall that the first version of SpaceShipTwo was destroyed in the crash , which killed and one of the pilots, it happened about a year ago, in 2014 year.

Last year, according to Branson, it was very productive - everyone in the company to work hard on the project. The news about the revival of SpaceShipTwo came a year and three days after the disaster. One of the pilots then survived but was seriously injured. Despite this tragic event, Branson has promised to implement the project of space tourism and more. And almost immediately after the accident, he announced his intention to become the first space tourist , the flight into orbit by the first commercial flight of SpaceShipTwo.

Branson words in the wind drops - somehow he argued with his competitor in the airline business. The debate lost, and the promise fulfilled - along a flight attendant and passenger traffic Flight competitor. You can expect that promise to be the first space tourist Branson perform.

Earlier the company Virgin Galactic the accused that an implementation plan for its space project is too optimistic, график too hard . The company's management was accused that on the technical problems, it does not pay enough attention, and reviews and listens to the staff. Now the company has more than 700 applications for space flight from the potential space tourists.

Branson said that the rush to launch the company's first commercial flight will not be in any case.



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