Virgin Galactic will build and test a new spacecraft to the end of the year

The company Virgin Galactic, headed by Richard Branson probably the first to promote the concept of space tourism. The company's engineers have created a great spaceship, beginning the first model, and then the second, Space Ship Two. The tests took place smoothly, but in the fall, for several reasons, the ship was wrecked, and the death of one of the pilots. Immediately thereafter, Branson announced that the company will certainly continue his work, and promised to be the first tourist on board his ship.

The company now sells Branson said it before: The construction of the new spacecraft. On this рассказал head of Virgin Galactic, George Whitesides . In this case, the ship will be improved, the developers will take into account the errors and omissions of the previous model.

The crash during a routine test SpaceShipTwo i>

Unfortunately, the results of the investigation are still unknown catastrophe, now this investigation by the National Council on US Transportation Security. Standard term study of problem situations this advice - about a year. And the results of the investigation will largely determine the development of space tourism in the near future. So far as the causes of the accident, some experts perceive the error of one of the pilots. It is understood that was given the command to lay down their wings , which is usually given at planting and not on the rise. As a result, the ship lost speed and crashed.

In Virgin Galactic promise that test new spacecraft will be held before the end of this year. At the same time, the company in a stock is about 700 volunteers who want to fly on a space ship Space Ship Two.



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