Virgin Galactic has received the world's first license for kosmoturizm

Relatively recently Habré published note that in the United States and the world has not yet issued any licenses for space tourism. That is, ships that can carry tourists into orbit our planet is already there, but permission for such flights yet.

Or rather, was not. Recently the company Virgin Galactic has received permission to "space carting" of an organization such as the Federal Aviation Administration. Initially, the experts had doubts that the organization will issue a work permit Virgin Galactic (the resolution was expected last year, then in January of this year), but, as we see, everything worked out.

However, the agreement provides for the need for a permanent job with Virgin Galactic NAS (National Airspace System). In addition, security measures stipulated launch spacecraft from the Baikonur Spaceport America. Last Virgin Galactic is insured for 20 years. Spaceport, incidentally, got its own license, Launch Site Operator License.

The company already has an agreement with the authorities of the State of California to conduct test launches of spacecraft SpaceshipTwo. So now it remains only to wait for conducting test runs, followed by longer commercial flights.

By the way, the company is Elon Musk, SpaceX, is also in talks with Texas spaceport on the possibility of 12 spacecraft launches per year. Currently SpaceX pays more attention to work with NASA, the launch of its ships for the delivery of the necessary equipment, food and astronauts to the ISS.

Virgin Galactic expects to hold its first flight by the end of this year (it is worth recalling that the price of the ticket for a flight of 250 thousand US dollars). So we wait.




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